Following the conclusion of his Comedy Central series Nathan For You in 2017, Nathan Fielder is set to make his television return on HBO. The actor and comedian has reportedly signed a one year overall deal with the network to work both on and off camera for multiple projects. As a part of the deal, Fielder will executive produce the docu-series How To...With John Wilson, which HBO has already ordered to series. Additionally, Fielder will write, direct, and star in an untitled comedy series pilot for the network. It's not yet clear when exactly production will begin.

How To... With John Wilson is described as a half-hour, first person documentary series. As both the cameraman and narrator, John Wilson stars as an anxious New Yorker who attempts to give everyday advice while dealing with his own personal issues. With Wilson covertly filming his fellow New Yorkers, the series is a bit reminiscent of Nathan for You, so Fielder's involvement with the series makes perfect sense. Along with Fielder and Clark Reinking, Wilson is also executive producing in addition to writing, directing, and narrating the project.

As for the Untitled Nathan Fielder Comedy pilot, details on the series are still under wraps. Besides Fielder, no names have yet been officially announced as a part of the cast, and there's no information about its possible storyline. Reinking will also be executive producing this project as well, along with Rise Management's Christie Smith and Dan McManus. Fielder's character will presumably be inspired by his unique comedy persona, but it's worth noting the actor can play a variety of characters. He has played parts in shows like Childrens Hospital, Transparent, and The League, and has also lent his voice to animated roles in The Simpsons and Rick and Morty. In 2017, Fielder also appeared in James Franco's acclaimed hit The Disaster Artist, playing real-life The Room actor Kyle Vogt.

Of course, Fielder is perhaps best known for co-creating and appearing in the docu-reality comedy series Nathan For You, which aired for four seasons on Comedy Central. In the series, Fielder approached struggling businesses with his camera crew with outlandish strategies to turn the fledgling companies around. Satirizing the practices of management and marketing consultants, each of Fielder's suggestions were even more bizarre than the ones prior, and it always brought about hysterical results. Some of the most memorable segments from the show include staging a viral video to increase business at a petting zoo, creating a coffee shop called Dumb Starbucks while calling it an art gallery, and sneaking hot chili into hockey games with a hidden bodysuit. The series came to an end in 2017 when Fielder opted to pursue other projects outside of Comedy Central.

Nathan For You coming to an end was a tremendous bummer for Fielder's fans, but now there's something new to look forward to. There's no word yet on when these upcoming series will premiere on HBO, but more information should be forthcoming once production begins. This news was first reported by Variety.