Sorry How I Met Your Mother fans, but if you were looking forward to the in-the-works spin-off, you are going to have to wait. Maybe for a long time. This is Us writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge were the ones working on the show, which is currently titled How I Met Your Father. But now thanks to a promotion, they are going to be far too busy to work on the show right now.

The good news for Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge is that This is Us has been a tremendous success on NBC and the network decided to give them a larger role in season 2. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that NBC will be making them co-showrunners alongside creator Dan Fogelman on This is Us season 2. While that is good for them and probably good news for fans of that show, it is definitely a bummer for those who wanted to see some the How I Met Your Mother spin-off make it to air.

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"Isaac and Elizabeth are incredible talents who write with such passion and emotion; their voices are bold and original and the contribution they've made to This Is Us this year has been extraordinary. They are hugely valuable to Dan and to everyone at this studio, and we are thrilled that they will showrun alongside him next season as well as remain in the studio family for years to come."

20th TV president of creative affairs Jonnie Davis had that to say about the writing duo in a statement following their promotion. There is a possible silver lining here. At the moment, How I Met Your Father is not attached to a network, even though the original series aired on CBS. It is possible that NBC could decide to pick up the spin-off as their relationship with Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge blossoms since they seem to really enjoy working with them. In the long run that could present a good creative relationship and a better possibility for the show to actually make it to air. That is purely speculative and it certainly doesn't change the fact that the show has been shelved for the time being.

This is not the first time a How I Met Your Mother spin-off has encountered adversity. CBS had shot a pilot for a spin-off titled How I Met Your Dad that starred Greta Gerwig as Sally, a young New York woman who is on the verge of divorce after being married for a year, finding comfort from her friends and family. Meg Ryan also signed on to narrate the show as the "future Sally," much like Bob Saget did in the original series as "Future Ted." None of the original characters starred in that pilot, but it did feature the MacLaren's Pub hangout from How I Met Your Mother.

CBS had a ton of success with How I Met Your Mother. The show ran for 9 seasons with a total of 208 episodes and delivered ratings for the network. So it makes sense that a spin-off has been looked at, but actually getting it off the ground has proved to be quite difficult. How I Met Your Father may not be dead, but this new development certainly will delay things.