This house is in utter disarray! Yesterday, Netflix officially announced that it was canceling House of Cards after Season 6. This was publicly decided after star Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct with an underaged actor in an incident that took place nearly thirty years ago. Now Netflix has confirmed that a House of Cards Spin-Off is in early development.

Netflix is taking a similar approach to House of Cards that HBO is currently doing with Game of Thrones. At this time, there are 5 Game of Thrones spin-offs in development. That could happen at Netflix too. As the streaming service hasn't decided on one single spin-off idea. They are currently considering multiple ideas, and more than one series could rise from the dust of the fallen drama.


Earlier Monday morning, Netflix announced that it would end House of Cards following the sixth season, which will debut in the first quarter of 2018. The show is currently in production. But Netflix is 'deeply troubled' by the allegations made against Kevin Spacey, and he has not been on set in the last few days, interacting with the other actors.

But that doesn't mean Netflix is ready to give up its flagship series altogether. The Emmy-nominated show is literally the house that built Netflix. While the streaming service had dabbled in original series before, House of Cards made them a serious contender in original programming.


One idea that Netflix is seriously considering will revolve around Michael Kelly's Doug Stamper, considered to be the 'world's most loyal employee'. Former House of Cards producer Eric Roth will write the Stamper pilot script, seeing if the series has legs. None of the other spin-off ideas, which haven't been named, have any writers attached.

House of Cards premiered in 2013, racking up an impressive number of Emmy nominations during its 5 year run thus far. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have both won Golden Globes for their performances.

It's doubtful that Kevin Spacey will get nominated for anything else anytime soon, as Hollywood isn't happy with the man. Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp claims that thirty years ago, when he was just 14, a then 26-year-old Kevin Spacey made strong sexual advances towards him. Spacey released an apology that also served as a public coming out, with him announcing that he now lives as a gay man. This caused outrage and controversy, with many outspoken gay activists and others in the entertainment industry blasting Spacey for his comments, since he seemed to blame alcohol and being gay on why he chose to sexually harass an underage male. That didn't sit right with many.


Netflix and House of Cards producer Media Rights Capital issued their own statement, saying they were 'deeply troubled' by the Kevin Spacey allegations. Executives from both of the companies went to Baltimore, where the show is currently in production on its final season, to meet with cast and crew, ensuring their safety and support in the wake of this scandal. House of Cards Season 5 aired earlier this year. While House of Cards is confirmed for a streaming release in 2018, Variety reports that there is no set date for the incoming spin-off.