Netflix's hit series House of Cards has been canceled in the wake of several disturbing Kevin Spacey sexual harassment allegations. Season 6 was already deep into production, planned as the final season, but that was before Netflix completely cut ties with Kevin Spacey. The streaming giant fired the actor, leaving the producers and writers to find a way to end the series without their lead character Frank Underwood. A new report reveals the showrunners, writers and producers have been scrambling to scrape together a plan for the season, which had been panned over the past eight months, and completely rework the final season.

This report reveals that it's "highly unlikely" that the show will be canceled, meaning the streaming service will not simply abandon what has already been shot. Producers and writers are working to write Frank Underwood out of the series. Production will be shut down for at least two weeks so writers can figure out how to rework these last episodes. The two people most responsible for the outcome of this final season are showrunners Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who were elevated to showrunners after creator Beau Willimon left before Season 5 even started production. The showrunners have yet to make any public statements about Kevin Spacey and his behavior. Here's an excerpt from this new report from CNN.

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"In a typical writers room, the showrunners would be tasked with arcing out the season, with help and ideas from the rest of the writers. Different writers are then assigned individual episodes, which are workshopped as a group. The showrunners have final say on the direction and pacing of the season and episodes. The decision on whether to proceed with House of Cards Season 6 after writers find a new direction will rest with Netflix and producer Media Rights Capital, both of which declined to comment for this story."

The allegations against Kevin Spacey were first leveled by actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was just 14 years old, when they were both working on a Broadway play. Since then, several House of Cards cast and crew members have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment, which lead Netflix to cut all ties with the actor, leaving the production scrambling to finish the final season without the character the entire series centers around. The task will most certainly be a monumental one to pull off, but it remains to be seen how they will do so.

While the main series will be coming to a close one way or another, it seems Netflix isn't ready to completely leave this world behind. We reported last month that Netflix is eyeing several House of Cards spin-offs, although no details about these shows have surfaced yet. There are a number of characters they could choose to focus on, so it will be interesting to see how these shows will be developed and which ones move forward. The report also reveals that the cast and crew will know the show's fate by Thanksgiving, so we should have an update later this month. Head on over to CNN for their full report on House of Cards.