House of Cards has taken another cue from the Michael Dobbs book by killing off Frank Underwood. Robin Wright's Claire Underwood is the main focus of the latest teaser for the final trailer as she speaks to her late husband's headstone. Kevin Spacey brought the Frank Underwood character to life in 2013, but was fired from the show late last year after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from over the years became public knowledge. Production on House of Cards halted in order to write Spacey's character out.

The final season of Netflix's House of Cards is set to premiere in November of this year and it will see Robin Wright's Claire Underwood take the lead. The new teaser for the hit series nods to the infamous Season 3 opener where Frank Underwood speaks to his father's grave and then urinates on it. As it turns out, Frank has been buried right next to his father, though it's unclear if Claire urinates on his fresh headstone. It will be very interesting to see how Claire leads the series for its final season.

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House of Cards is preparing to premiere for the first time without Kevin Spacey. When Netflix made the decision to sever ties with the actor, the sixth season had already been written, which led to swift rewrites to take the Frank Underwood character out of the series. The final season was intended to be thirteen episodes long, but was later shortened to eight after Spacey was fired. In addition to starring in House of Cards for the last season, Robin Wright also directed the final episode.

House of Cards is the show that put Netflix on the map for original programming and there have been talks of a possible spin-off series revolving around loyal sidekick Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly). However, it's time to put the focus on Claire Underwood as she takes full control of the United States, which was first introduced in Season 5. As the premiere date nears, fans are left wondering how the show will continue on without its main star, much like how fans of Roseanne are waiting to see how The Conners ends up without Roseanne Barr.

Kevin Spacey has largely stayed out of the public eye since multiple men came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. There are currently two investigations underway in Massachusetts and London after the LAPD decided to drop charges against Spacey last week. Robin Wright was recently asked if she felt that Spacey deserved a shot at redemption, but she declined to comment on the situation. When asked how she reacted when she first heard the news of her co-star's sexual misconduct allegations, the actress noted that she and the crew of House of Cards were "surprised" and "saddened" when they were first alerted to the situation. You can watch the new teaser for the final season of House of Cards below, provided by the Netflix YouTube channel.