Hulu is leaning into the recent surge in science fiction content. The streaming service is developing a TV series adaptation of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The series will be helmed by showrunner Carlton Cuse as writer and executive producer along with Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman).

Carlton Cuse is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of television. He ran Lost for ABC. He was also billed as showrunner or co-showrunner for a slew of other projects including: Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Bates Motel, The Strain, Colony, The Returned, the upcoming Netflix series Locke & Key, and Amazon's Atlas, which is in development with Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). The talented Jason Fuchs is credited as co-writer on the hugely successful Wonder Woman as well as writer on Pan and I still See You. With these names attached, we hope for a funny series of visually stunning mysteries.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has spanned generations and continents. The sci-fi adventure follows Arthur Dent. After hearing Earth is about to be destroyed by an alien race of Vogons, Dent escapes by hitchhiking on an alien spacecraft. What ensues is a series of comedic and entertaining adventures across galaxies. The story began as a comedy radio series on BBC Radio in 1978 starring Simon Jones. The book followed a year later and has since been translated into more than 30 languages. It's still difficult to find a school that hasn't put it on their reading list. Jones continued the role as Arthur for a short while in the UK TV adaptation.

Disney currently owns the Hitchhiker's IP and used it to produce the 2005 adaptation for the big screen. The film starred Martin Freeman (Black Panther) as Arthur Dent, Mos Def (Begin Again) as his friend Ford and the talents of Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel, Bill Nighy, John Malkovich, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman. The feature length adaptation received modest reviews, boasting only a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it made over $100 million world wide at the box office.

Disney gained control of Hulu by absorbing a 66% stake in the company when they purchased Fox. In turn, they essentially pushed Comcast out. In May, we reported a deal had been struck between Disney and Comcast as part of a "put/call" deal that stretches for five years," so that, "In 2024, either Disney or Comcast will have the option to force the sale of the remaining 33 percent, with a full valuation of at least $27.5 billion. Comcast is reportedly guaranteed to at least make a reported $5.8 billion from the eventual sale." With the Disney takeover, Hitchhiker's home may eventually change to the upcoming streaming service, Disney+ which is slated to launch in mid November. Bur for now, we look forward to the space-hopping romp on Hulu.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes from Cuse's production company, Genre Arts' overall deal with ABC Signature (a division of ABC Studios). No release date has been announced yet. This news comes to us from Deadline.