How did you spend your Martin Luther King Jr. holiday? What's that you say? You watched a marathon of American Pickers? Yes, though it doesn't make much sense, the History Channel, who should have had a whole day devoted to the civil rights activist, decided it was a better idea to give the world an American Pickers marathon. And social media is outraged. At least, as outraged as they can be.

History Channel is in hot water with audiences who continued to tune in throughout the day, only to be faced with back-to-back episodes of American Pickers. Nothing against that show, but the title alone doesn't sound like right fit for the holiday, and it has nothing to do with the Civil Rights movement or what MLK was about at all. So some History Channel fans, expecting to enjoy some insight into the heroic deeds of the civil rights leader, were understandably upset.


American Pickers, which has been doing well for History Channel since debuting in 2010, does not follow the history of any kind of 'picker' in history. And it's not a racial slur. The show actually follows antique collectors who travel the country scouring old barns and sheds for treasure. It is a reality show that always draws in good ratings.

History Channel has a fine mix of reality programing and historical docu-series that traverse various historical leaders and important moments in world history. It covers politics and entertainment, and everything in between that has affected the history of the world. So, that considered, it would be logical that the channel might program some shows about the day in celebration. Nope. One Reddit user pointed out the big blunder, offering this somewhat humorous though non-the-less poignant insight.

"It's literally a federal holiday honoring one of the most prominent figures in American History and they aren't airing a second of programming about him. Edit: Whoa, I just wanted to get stoned on my day off and watch an interesting documentary and thought HC was an easy place to look, clearly it's not. Also I know I'm just a triggered-sjw-snowflake-cuck but some of you are super racist, holy shit. Thanks for the gold random person."

Social Media was ablaze with public personalities, entertainers and just common citizens addressing the holiday and paying their respects to Martin Luther King Jr. It does seem a little weird that History Channel would opt not to also honor the fallen civil rights activist and leader. This isn't the first time that History has decided to ditch what seems like it would be no-brainer programming for something that might potentially bring in more money, and that seems the only reason to do such a thing. This past June 6, the show decided not to honor the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, instead showing off a marathon of back-to-back Pawn Stars episodes, a show that is similar to American Pickers.