Every wrestling villain needs a hero to put them in their place, and that man is going to be Alexander Ludwig on the upcoming series Heels. Known best for his role on Vikings, Ludwig will be joining Arrow star Stephen Amell on the wrestling drama, with the series marking the first role for each actor following their respective runs on separate long-running shows. The series will not be reminiscent of major wrestling promotions like World Wrestling Entertainment, as Ludwig and Amell will be portraying aspiring pro wrestlers struggling in the indie circuit, hoping for a chance to make it big in the wrestling business.

In Heels, Alexander Ludgwig will play Ace Spade, the biggest star of the independent wrestling organization, the Duffy Wrestling Association. While flying high as a fan favorite wrestling star, Spade's real life is much more difficult, as he struggles with balancing his local celebrity status with his own personal demons and insecurities. The character is described as "brash, cocky and self-destructive - yet so damn charming and good-looking that you can almost forgive him." Given his talent in the ring, Spade just might have a shot at making it to the big time if he can keep his behavior out of the ring in check. Those who follow the wrestling business may recognize this as behavior exhibited by many real-life wrestlers.

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Heels is written by Michael Waldron with Mike O'Malley serving as showrunner. Waldron and O'Malley are also executive producing alongside LBI Entertainment's Julie Yorn, Chris Donnelly, and Patrick Walmsley. It tells the story of the men and women wrestlers working in a small-town, family-owned wrestling league in Georgia. Co-starring with Ludwig as Ace Spade's brother and wrestling rival Jack Spade is Stephen Amell, with the two characters feuding over their late father's legacy. In front of the fans, Ace is the "babyface" (good guy) while Jack is the "heel" (bad guy), but the lines may be much more blurred in their personal lives after the bell tolls.

Ludwig is perhaps best known for portraying Björn Ironside on the long-running series Vikings, and has been a part of the cast since its second season. It has since been announced the upcoming sixth season of Vikings will be the last for the show, and Ludwig clearly hasn't wasted any time in securing his next job. Similarly, Amell will close out his run on the popular CW series Arrow with the show's eighth season, which premieres on the network next month. Snagging a role in a wrestling series certainly seems natural for Amell, as the actor has made multiple guest appearances for the wrestling leagues WWE and Ring of Honor and even competed in matches.

There is no confirmed premiere date yet for Heels, but the project will be aired on the Starz network on a date yet to be revealed. The hour-long series will consist of eight episodes, but given the interesting concept and talent involved, it would appear the potential is there for another season to be developed if the show is a hit. This news comes to us from Deadline.