A high school clique and kinky chainsaw innuendo are back in a first look at the upcoming Heathers TV series. This quick preview arrives courtesy of the Paramount Network Instagram page, and promises something pretty close to what we saw in the original 1988 movie. Though with some noticeable updates.

"Veronica, Heather Chandler is looking for you." That's the warning issued by one of Veronica's close friends as she ruffles through her locker. This new take on the 80s cult classic is being pitched as a black comedy. It will be an anthology series much in the same way that Fargo is, with different high schools and different cliques being represented over the span of its run.

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In this first part of the anthology, Grace Victoria Cox takes on the role of Veronica Swayer, a character made popular by Winona Ryder in the original. The setting has been changed to modern day. And this is a very different, yet just as vicious group of of Heathers. James Scully stars as JD, originally played by Christian Slater. Also appearing in this first ensemble are Melanie Field as Heather Chandler, Brendan Scannell as Heather Duke, and Jasmine Mathews as Heather McNamara.

It was confirmed last year that Shannen Doherty is returning. She played the youngest Heather in the original. Here, her new character has not yet been named. It isn't clear if other original cast members will come back in some capacity. Christian Slater is currently enjoying much success with his USA series Mr. Robot. and Ryder has Season 2 of Stranger Things coming to Netflix this October. So neither are shying away from TV.

While the teaser is short, we do get a callback to Veronica's most famous line, 'F**k me gently with a chainsaw." An indication that this reiteration isn't playing it gentle with the source material. But Veronica is going up against a vastly different crew in her crusade to rid the world of awful people this time out. Heathers is set to premiere on the Paramount Network in 2018. A release date hasn't been announced.

The original movie centered on Veronica (Winona Ryder) and her rebel boyfriend J.D. (Christian Slater), who hatch a plot to destroy all of the cool kids at their high school, who are dubbed "Heathers." The new series will center on Veronica, who is dealing with a much different group of Heathers, who are just as evil as they are popular, described as "high school royalty."

The original movie debuted in limited release in 1989, and only took in $1.1 million, but it became a cult favorite upon its release on home video platforms. This is actually the third time that the movie has spawned a TV series, but the first two installments never got off the ground. In 2012, Bravo and writer Jenny Bicks teamed up for a project that centered on the "Ashleys," the daughters of the original Heathers who represented the new generation of mean girls. This video shows what the ultimate version of the Heathers anthology series ended up being.