Last night, HBO held its premiere for the final season of the network's hit vampire series True Blood, which debuts with the Season 7 premiere "Jesus Gonna Be Here" on Sunday, June 22. Series composer Nathan Barr revealed to E! Online during the premiere that he is developing a musical version of the show. Here's what the musician had to say, revealing that he already has a few songs completed for the musical.

"We've got a couple of songs already. The story lends itself to a musical. The challenge for us is the minute I thought about True Blood: The Musical, I myself could kind of groan. I can see the bad version of that. It's really a matter of finding a way of sort of reinventing it."

The composer added that the musical is far from being a done deal, and that they have a year left before they have to present it to HBO, which will hopefully lead to the musical's debut on Broadway.

"We're pitching it, it's not a guaranteed thing. I have the rights. HBO doesn't have to like it, but hopefully they will and they'll give us the shot to make it and bring it to Broadway. We have a year left before we have to present it. It's still very early, but we're very excited. Fingers crossed!"

Another report from Variety reveals that the musical will revolve around Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin in the HBO series, although Nathan Barr wouldn't reveal if the original cast members would reprise their roles. However, series star Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton on True Blood, reportedly helped the composer put together samples for the pitch.

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