HBO's hit show Game of Thrones has been one of the many shows to be effected by the massive hack that happened a few weeks ago. Thanks to a leak of some of the compromised information, Game of Thrones fans think that they may have figured out the actor who may be portraying beloved character Rhaegar Targaryen during a flashback. The news comes after scripts of the show's 7th Season surfaced online due to the massive hack that also included personal information for employees, including actors, of HBO.

While Rhaegar died before events in the series, the brother of Daenerys has an important role to fulfil considering he could be the connecting tissue between the Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow, which could potentially have huge ramifications in a power-play on the show. The Huffington Post is reporting that fans of Game of Thrones have figured out that the actor to play Jon Snow's dad, Rhaegar Targaryen, will be Wilf Scolding. It appears that some internet detective work was used to figure out the identity of the actor.

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When rumors of a flashback including Rhaegar Targaryen started to get louder, Reddit users started a journey to figure out who the actor would be, which lead to a deep dive into Wilf Scolden's Twitter page. One savvy user explains.

"Last year in late September, Lyanna's actress Aisling Franciosi started following him on twitter. He followed her back, and he also started following the Game of Thrones twitter account and Liam Cunningham."

Another Reddit user, tyrantting, chimed in saying that the casting news was actually confirmed in the HBO hack through some leaked documents. Due to the sensitive personal information, the leak could not be shared. Tyrantting had this to say.

"It's in the HBO leaked file, we can't show full image because there's personal information. But he's on the list under 'Rhaegar'"

If and when Rhaegar's flashback does occur, one can expect some pretty bad repercussions for Jon Snow. When word spreads around Winterfell that the King of the North is actually half Targaryen, a Sansa/Littlefinger coup may quickly follow. It might be time for Snow to watch his back and hold his enemies close.

This is huge news for fans of the show, but this is currently all speculation at this time and should be taken with a grain of salt. In an effort to stall the leaking of any more sensitive material about Game of Thrones or anything else, HBO reportedly offered the hackers $250,000 dollars on July 27th, through what is called a "white hat program," which is where HBO would pay the group as if they were IT professionals who just happened to find a security vulnerability within HBO's fortress of servers. Sources close to the investigation claim that the hackers rejected the offer from HBO and that the whole offer from HBO was just a "stalling tactic" to figure out just exactly what the hackers had gained in their breach of a reported 1.5 terabytes of data.