Heroes Reborn, a 13-episode standalone miniseries, is being planned by NBC for 2015. It will likely be a complete reboot of the once popular superhero series, which fizzled out during it's four season run in 2010. Even if they do plan to bring back some of the original cast members, its unlikely that Hayden Panettiere, who played cheerleader-turned-superhero Claire Bennet, will return.

The actress claims she didn't even hear about the series' return until her cousin told her about it. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Panettiere reveals she has not been asked to reprise her role, which spurned Heroes's classic tagline: 'Save the Cheerleader, save the world.'

She explains her reaction to hearing the news second hand for the first time,

"Well, it was a shock to me. I mean, we had nothing, nothing to do with it; it will definitely be interesting to see how they reinvent that."

While Heroes Reborn will focus on a new set of characters, NBC hasn't ruled out the return old cast members. Who they may be, though, is not yet been decided. About the casting, Hayden says,

"I think it's a whole new set of characters. Who knows? It's a little bit of an interesting feeling because you go, 'That was our show, our home, our family,' something that we had a major part in creating as well, and, I mean, I hope that they don't have somebody else playing our characters, that would be a little dagger in the heart. But, you never know. I wish them success in it, for sure."

Hayden Panettiere's return as Claire, last seen as a college student, was actually set up in the series finale. Announcing a non-existent volume six 'Brave New World', Bennet reveals the existence of people with special abilities to a group of reporters and photographers, which opens up plenty of possibilities for new characters. But as of now, it doesn't look at though this true reboot will follow that path.

Hayden Panettiere has appeared for the past two seasons as one the main cast members on the drama Nashville. At this time, the ABC series has not been renewed for a Season 3, but that looks likely, as the show continued to perform will throughout its Season 2 run.