Should Hawkeye get his own Netflix TV show? Actor Jeremy Renner, who plays the arrow slinging superhero, definitely thinks so. The actor hasn't tired of playing this iconic Marvel character just yet. And he believes there are more depths to be plumbed.

Over the past several years, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye has been given more and more to do in the various Marvel movies he's popped up in. He first showed up in Thor for what can only be described as a cameo. He would next be put under mind control for a huge portion of The Avengers. Age of Ultron gave him a loving family and some of the MCU's best quips. And in this summer's Civil War, he got to share a memorable scene with Ant-Man. But over the course of those movies, he hasn't clocked enough solo screen time to even make up a short film.


Now, Jeremy Renner believes its high time that Marvel let him dig a little deeper into his character. And what better way to do that than with several episodes of a Netflix series? Not ABC, mind you, cause he wants it rough and tumble like the R-rated antics of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

Jeremy Renner will next be seen in the sci-fi thriller Arrival, where he plays second fiddle to Amy Adams' linguist capable of communicating with extraterrestrials. Speaking with IGN, he does say he wants a Hawkeye Netflix series. He goes onto explain this.

"I don't know the practicality of that, but any of these characters I play, I'd love to dig into them more. I never feel like I get enough time with any character I play, and that's one of them."

With a 13 episode first season, Jeremy Renner could certainly tear into the meat of Hawkeye. The actor was actually upset with his character's portrayal in the first Avengers movie. He claims he didn't get to play the character he signed on for. And that all he could work on in terms of that movie was the 'physical part of it all' because that's something that never changed in the script revisions.


Jeremy Renner has never hated the character of Hawkeye, just the way he's been utilized thus far. During the Civil War shoot, he kept trying to provide The Russo Bros. with ways to kill off his character. But he is sticking around. Hawkeye is confirmed to be one of the 67 characters in the sprawling Avengers sequel Infinity War. And with that many actors vying for time in the spotlight, it doesn't sound like Hawkeye will have much more to do than we've seen before.

Though, the actor has said that he'd very much like Hawkeye and Michael Douglas' Ant-Man character Hank Pym to team-up for a scene or two. And from the sounds of it, that definitely could happen. Promoting Doctor Strange, in theaters this weekend, Marvel big boss Kevin Feige stated that Infinity War will bring some much unexpected character team-ups.