Hawaii Five-0 fans were stunned to see Chuck Norris on last week's penultimate episode. As it turns out, getting him on the show took a long time. The hit show's executive producer, Peter Lenkov, has revealed how he was able to make it happen in a new interview. As it turns out, he had a bit of extra help from Norris' inner circle. CBS has announced that this will be the final season of the show, even though it has had some good success for the network over the past ten years.

Since this is the last season of Hawaii 5-0, Peter Lenkov and crew decided that they needed to finally get Chuck Norris on the show. Though he had tried multiple times over the years, this was the time to make it count, and Norris could sense this. So, he decided to finally agree on the cameo idea. Lenkov explains how he made it happen.

"I'd been trying to get him on the show for years. His son [Eric Norris] is our stunt coordinator and Chuck is in Hawaii all the time. Every time I've asked, it's just the logistics didn't work for whatever reason. I think I just begged so many times that he just had mercy on me and did it."

In Hawaii Five-0, Chuck Norris plays what Peter Lenkov calls, "the perfect role for him." In the episode, we are introduced to Lincoln Cole (Lance Gross) who was trained by Norris' character, the retired Sergeant Major Phillips. "Joe White trained main McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and I wanted somebody with just the same kind of weight of that. So if he trained Lincoln Cole, he definitely was trained by the best," says Lenkov. Norris is known to be the best at just about everything.


Last week's Hawaii Five-0 episode was originally supposed to be packaged together with the series finale in a two-hour celebration this Friday. However, CBS took advantage of the March Madness cancellation and decided to spread the finale out over two weeks, giving fans a chance to have something to look forwards to. However, having Chuck Norris on the second to last episode is a bold maneuver. Where do you go from that? Luckily Peter Lenkov and the rest of the team have a nice way of sending the long-running show off.

Hawaii Five-0 is coming to an end this Friday, April 3rd on CBS. As for Chuck Norris, fans are hoping he'll make some kind of cameo in the upcoming Walker, Texas Ranger reboot series. Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is headlining the CW series and one can easily see Norris making an appearance since he is the original Cordell Walker. The new series has just been cast and it's unclear when it will be going into production, though it has more than likely already been delayed, for obvious reasons. The interview with Peter Lenkov was originally conducted by TV Insider.