Harmony Gold and original Robotech producer Carl Macek are looking to return to this iconic and very popular animated world with their new series Robotech Academy. But they need your help to make the show become a reality. The creative team behind this reboot of the franchise have launched a Kickstarter campaign, as they set about achieving their $500,000 goal. Watch their mission statement and then read on for more information.

In 1985, the animated series known as Robotech hit the airwaves in the United States and became an overnight sensation. Combining fast-paced giant robot action with some genuinely mature drama, it was a breath of fresh air for many children who had gotten tired of the usual cartoons on TV at the time. For many fans, it was their first exposure to Japanese anime, and is often credited with starting the anime industry in the US. It spawned over twenty novels, hundreds of comics, video games and dozens of home video releases all over the world.

Carl Macek, the producer of Robotech, was recently working with Harmony Gold on Robotech Academy. This new series set in the Robotech universe follows several new cadets in their adventures around the universe. We are reaching out to our fans to make this a reality!

Robotech Academy Logo
Robotech Academy Goals
Robotech Academy Crew

The Robotech Academy Kickstarter will allow Harmony Gold to gauge how much of a new Robotech series we could actually produce based on Carl Macek's original premise. We are setting our initial goal at $500,000 which will allow us to create an entire 24 minute pilot episode. This will help us cover character design, mecha design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, screenwriting, sound engineering, music composition, casting, voice acting and recording. This will also afford us a foundation on which to build future episodes.

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