While the live-action version of Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie has had a bumpy road so far, the animated Harley Quinn show has gone from strength to strength. The series recently got a Season 3 renewal. During an interview, showrunner Patrick Schumacker revealed how the upcoming season will honor Harley and her gal-pal turned girlfriend Poison Ivy's budding romance.

"We've been talking about Kite Man and kind of where he stands with the end of season 2 and the breakup. We don't want to completely cut ties. I'll probably piss a few people off by saying we hope Kite Man will return, because I know he's got his detractors, but we can say with 100 percent certainty that Kite Man will in no way be like a spoiler for Harley and Ivy's relationship. They're rock solid, they're a couple. But that doesn't mean that Kite Man won't exist in the show."
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Voice of Harley Quinn herself, Kaley Cuoco, also celebrated the renewal of her show, posting an image on Instagram with the message, 'Who's ready for more @dcharleyquinn !!????'

In Season 2 of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy started dating Kite Man, who turned out to be a surprisingly sweet and supportive boyfriend. Which made it all the more heartbreaking when Ivy left Kite Man at the altar on their wedding day to run off instead with Harley. Season 2 ended with Harley and Ivy finally declaring their love for each other. But it won't be all smooth sailing for the couple, as co-showrunner Justin Halpern explained that the nature of the characters' prior relationships has given them both a very twisted set of expectations from their romantic partners.

"That's the big thing for us to chew on. The thing we have discussed preliminarily is the idea that these two characters have had a lot of toxic relationships in their past. Although Ivy and Kite Man wasn't toxic, it also wasn't an equal relationship, you know? He loved her a lot more than she loved him. So this is the first time they're both going to be in a relationship where they really and truly have affection towards one another. They have a lot of responsibility. So I think like, 'what is it like to be in a good relationship after you've only ever been in bad relationships with abusive people?' is a big theme we want to play with."

For the vast majority of her existence, Harley has been defined by her abusive relationship with Joker, while Poison Ivy was always portrayed as a hater of all mankind. It will be interesting to see how the new season shows the two in a committed relationship for once, and how long that happy state of affairs lasts until their various hangups and paranoias catch up with their romance.

DC Universe's Harley Quinn stars Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Diedrich Bader, Alan Tudyk, Rahul Kohli, Tony Hale, Ron Funches, Jim Rash, Wanda Sykes, Natalie Morales, Christopher Meloni, Jacob Tremblay, Jason Alexander and J.B. Smoove. Seasons one and two are available to stream on HBO Max. This news was first reported at Entertainment Weekly.