While Birds of Prey failed to set the box office on fire, its lead character Harley Quinn continues to be a major draw, as evidenced by the success of her animated series. The trailer for the second season of Harley Quinn dropped recently, and writer for the series Justin Halpern spoke about the possibility of a third season renewal.

"We're in a position now where DC Universe is trying to figure out what it wants to do with the show. There's been rumblings about expanding now that Warner Media has several arms. We're exploring opportunities for other outlets but nothing's confirmed."
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Halpern sounds cautiously optimistic that the show will be extended by least another season after wrapping the second one. So much so that he revealed that the writer's room for the show has already delivered a pitch for the third season to the higher-ups.

"But as part of the, 'Hey, look at us. We're this little show that's doing pretty well. We have sent a one page... Just not even a synopsis but more of a setup for what could be season three. And so, we have thought about it but that's not to say that it could change entirely once we get a writer's room going, if we are lucky enough to get a third season pickup. It's all to be determined."

For now, fans can look forward to more madcap antics by Harley and her crew in the second season of the show. The trailer for the upcoming season revealed that now that the Joker is out of the picture, following the events of the finale of the first season when he seems to have been de-'Jokered' and become sane again, Harley must contend with the rest of Gotham's rogues in order to establish herself as the numero uno supervillain.

There are also hints in the trailer of Harley Quinn and her best bud Poison Ivy taking their relationship to the next love, romance-wise. This is a development that has been long requested by fans who fell in love with the duo's chemistry in the first season. While Ivy is currently dating Kite-Man, there have more than a few hints so far that she entertains warmer feelings towards her psychotic BFF than those of mere friendship.

Meanwhile, the live-action Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, will next be making her appearance in the sequel to Suicide Squad currently under production, directed by James Gunn. In that movie also, Harley is broken up with Joker and striking out on her own without the shadow of Gotham's most notorious villain hanging over her every step of the way.

Who could have imagined fans would be happy to follow the adventures of a character set in Gotham city with only passing references to either Batman or the Joker? But as her animated series has proven, Harley works best when she is upending expectations and bringing her chaotic energy to bear upon an unsuspecting audience. ComicBook.com brings this latest news.