"F**k you, Thomas Jefferson!" Steve Coogan's Thom Payne gives Thomas Jefferson and his 'pursuit of happiness' the middle finger in the second trailer for Happyish, following the the first trailer that debuted last month. The show centers on Thom Payne, a 44 year-old man whose world is thrown into disarray when his 25 year-old wunderkind boss arrives, saying things like "digital," "social" and "viral." Is he in need of a "rebranding," or does he just have a "low joy ceiling?" Maybe pursuing happiness is a fool's errand? Maybe, after 44 years on this ludicrous planet, settling for happyish is the best one can expect.

The series, which debuts Sunday, April 26th at 9:30 PM ET, is a comedic, soul-searching examination of our pursuit of happiness and why it continues to be so elusive. Happyish also stars Kathryn Hahn and Bradley Whitford, with guest stars such as Emmy and Tony Award winner Ellen Barkin, Emmy Award winner Carrie Preston, Molly Price and Andre Royo.

Happyish was created, written and executive produced by critically acclaimed author and regular This American Life contributor Shalom Auslander. Emmy Award nominee Ken Kwapis (He's Just Not That Into You, A Walk in the Woods) will executive produce and direct the pilot. Kwapis' producing partner Alexandra Beattie will serve as co-executive producer, under their In Cahoots banner. In addition to the new trailer, we also have a poster featuring Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn which you can check out below the trailer.

Happyish Poster