Pablo Schreiber is the iconic Master Chief in the upcoming Halo live-action series. It was first revealed that the show was going to include the popular hero at the end of last year. However, there has not been a lot of news surrounding the Showtime project since then. The show has been in development hell for a number of years, so it's good to see it is finally moving forward after all of this time. We are now one step closer to seeing the live-action Halo Showtime series and fans of the video game series should be happy to hear the news.

Showtime's Gary Levine revealed at last year's Television Critics Association press tour that Master Chief would be included in the Halo series and would be playing a major part. This has led to speculation about seeing the character without his mask, which is something we haven't seen in any of the video games. It has caused a little bit of controversy amongst gamers. Levine said, "It is a key question and an important part of our series. He is a lead character."

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Showtime describes the Halo live-action series version of Master Chief as "Earth's most advanced warrior in the 26th century" and he is the only hope of salvation for a civilization "pushed to the brink of destruction by the Covenant." The Covenant is an unstoppable alliance of alien worlds "committed to the destruction of humanity." It is believed the show will take up major plot points from the game, including iconic locations and aliens.

In addition to Pablo Schreiber, the Halo Showtime series has added Australian newcomer Yerin Ha, who has been tapped to play a new character, Quan Ah. Quan Ah is described as a "shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies who meets Master Chief at a fateful time for them both." Ah has not been shown in the games and was found through a lengthy, worldwide casting call to land the role. The show will jump into production this fall in Budapest, Hungary. Showtime will more than likely make a few more announcements before the cameras start rolling now that it's in the casting phase, which means a release date announcement should be made soon too. With that being said, a Summer 2020 release isn't out of the question if everything ends up going smooth for the production.

Kyle Killen and Steven Kane serve as co-showrunners and executive producers for Showtime's live-action Halo series. The show is executive produced by Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey and is based on the immensely popular video game series of the same name. To date, the franchise has sold over 77 million copies and grossed over $60 billion, which means there are going to be a lot of eyes on the new series when it finally debuts on Showtime. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the Halo live-action series casting information.