Showtime recently announced at the TCA 2018 presentations that the Halo TV series was still very much in development and now a new report suggests that the long-awaited (heavy understatement) show will go into production this fall. The show has been in development for years and has passed through many directors and studios since around 2005. Showtime, Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment have been involved since 2013 and since then, there's just been a promise that the Halo TV series is still "definitely" happening. Is it really happening this time?

While no official start date has been announced by Microsoft, Showtime, or Amblin, a new report reveals that production is due to start this fall. If it does end up happening, it will be somewhat of a miracle. Alex Garland, Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson, D.B. Weiss, and Guillermo del Toro have all been attached to the project at various times since 2005, which is pretty remarkable. However, this new report might prove to be true and the Halo TV series might actually be happening this time around.

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The Halo TV series is based off of the enormously popular video game series of the same name that has been the flagship game for the various Xbox consoles for nearly 20 years. Though the popularity of the franchise has begun to wane a bit, the thirst for this show still lingers on. Showtime's CEO David Nevins recently revealed that the show is still in development and said that Microsoft fans as well as fans of their hit series Homeland will love the Halo television series. Those are pretty big words to throw around for a show that appears to have the dreaded red ring of death attached to it.

Microsoft also announced that Halo series was still in development over the summer but did not offer any other sort of information or timetable as to when we'll finally see it. If the show does in fact start production at the end of this year, we could end up seeing it as early as the summer of 2019. However, this report has yet to be confirmed officially. It seems that Showtime and Microsoft would be really excited to finally get the show out of development hell, so no official announcement seems fishy.

Steven Spielberg wanted to make a Halo movie as far back as 2009 but it never ended up working out, which brings us to the TV show idea. If and when the series begins production, will they be able to do the source material justice? That's just as big of a question as if and when the show will ever come out. For now (as usual), we'll just have to wait and see if anything official is announced in the upcoming months. For now, you check out the report about the fall production start for the Halo series over at Production Weekly.