The Upside Down is coming to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore this year. Visitors of the park will be able to explore the iconic Stranger Things setting in a new maze that the iconic theme park has teased with a video. We see familiar images from Netflix's hit show and you can hear the desperate calls for Will Byers in the search from the first season.

Halloween Horror Nights visitors will be able to journey to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a seemingly peaceful community with dark, unnerving secrets. When a young boy goes missing near a secluded government laboratory, his faithful friends begin a quest unfolding a series of increasingly bizarre and frightening events. With the threat of flesh-eating creatures in the shadows and the help of one very strange little girl, parkgoers will enter a real-life version of the Upside Down from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things.

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Halloween Horror Nights is stepping up their annual event with the addition of the Stranger Things maze as well as the return of the classic Universal Monsters, with a soundtrack by Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Wolf Man, among others will be wandering around Universal Studios trying to scare visitors to the park who dare enter the annual Halloween celebration.

Sadly, one of the park's biggest and most popular attractions, the Jurassic Park ride, will not be open this year during Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. The ride, which opened in 1996, has been shut down in order to make a Jurassic World attraction. Lucky visitors in Orlando and Singapore will still be able to inject their Halloween experience with some dinosaur theatrics, while Hollywood prepares to update the ride to make room for the arrival of Chris Pratt's Owen and his pet raptor Blue. Park visitors were able to enjoy the ride multiple times in order to say good bye before it gets its new makeover.

Halloween Horror Nights opens on September 14th in Hollywood and Orlando, while Singapore will have to wait until September 28th. The Stranger Things maze will be available at all three locations and "will give guests the chance to brave the Upside Down and encounter iconic scenes, characters, and environments from season one of the critically acclaimed series." Even from the brief teaser video for the maze, one can tell that the world of Stranger Things has been brought to life in a way that only Universal Studios can provide. Everything looks exactly like the show, which should allow guests to get completely immersed in the experience. You can take a look at the very special maze below, thanks to the Halloween Horror Nights YouTube channel.

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