It's that time of year again, and Halloween Horror Nights is promising to be the best year yet for horror TV fans. Starting September 15th, scare seekers will have access to even more mazes and attractions than last year, giving everybody the chance for nightmares to last all the way up until October 2018. This year horror fans have the American Horror Story: Roanoke Maze, The Ash vs Evil Dead Maze, and The Walking Dead Attraction, just to name a few of the bone chilling activities included for HHN 2017.

Starting things off is the "fully immersive" Walking Dead attraction that advertises a fight for survival in a journey to navigate through a world that has become overrun by very hungry walkers. Attendees are expected to accept the help of humans and try to follow their way out of the horrifying attraction. The Walking Dead attraction brings iconic locations of the hit AMC show to life in ways that nobody ever thought were possible and promises to get the blood flowing for the rest of the night.


Next up is the American Horror Story: Roanoke Maze, which promises cannibalism, blood sacrifices, and murderous spirits. The maze will take you through parts of Season 6 of American Horror Story and bring elements of the season to life (or death) for the delight of horror fans everywhere. The maze will incorporate parts of the North Carolina setting and follow the strange paranormal activities that took place within the show. The official synopsis for the maze reads.

"Deep in the backwoods of North Carolina, there is an isolated farmhouse that has witnessed centuries of horror. Legend has it that the house was built close to the site of the infamous "Lost Colony of Roanoke", an English settlement that mysteriously vanished back in the late 1500's. Though no one knows for sure what happened to the doomed colonists of Roanoke, the suffering of the residents of the cursed farmhouse has been well documented; a legacy of murder and madness that extends back into the murky past in an unbroken chain of horror. They say that the most dangerous time to visit the farmhouse is during the first moon after the harvest...the Blood Moon!"

If that wasn't enough to scare you away, perhaps go check out the Ash vs Evil Dead Maze that began in an abandoned cabin in the woods. It's there in this cabin that Ash Williams and his friends stumbled upon a book and unknowingly unleashed an ancient evil on Earth. After losing all of his friends, and his right hand, the evil was put to rest until 30 years later, which is where the new maze will take place. It's time for Ash to find his trusty chainsaw and save the world again, but will you make it?


Universal Studios has really done something special this year for the annual installment of Halloween Horror Nights. It definitely would not be a wise decision to miss out on all of the blood curdling fun with more attractions and mazes than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights begins on September 15th, 2017 and runs through November 4th, 2017. Don't chicken out, you'll regret it.