If you like cheesy, made-for-TV Christmas movies, then 2018 is going to be your year. Hallmark has announced that they're going to be debuting a staggering 34 Christmas movies this holiday season on their networks. It's only spring, but it's never too early to start bracing yourself for Christmas and, this year, there's going to be a lot to brace yourself for when it comes to holiday-themed movies.

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries will share the load with these 34 Christmas movies. Hallmark Channel will debut 22 of the new titles, while Hallmark Movies and Mysteries will take on the additional dozen. This marks a new record for Hallmark, besting last year's 33 new Christmas movies for the 2017 holiday season. That number was up from 2016, which saw the networks dump 28 new Christmas movies on the airwaves. Basically, those who want to fill their DVRs with Hallmark Christmas movies and watch one every single day for more than a month leading up to the new year can do just that.

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While the specific titles of these new Christmas movies haven't yet been announced, Hallmark is bringing back some familiar faces for this year's festivities. Danica McKellar, who headlined Coming Home for Christmas last year, will star in one of Hallmark Channel's 22 movies. Kellie Martin is set to star in one of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries' new flicks, which is tentatively titled Vet and will be an "emotional story of heroism and homecoming," so says the network. That just leaves an additional 32 movies that remain a complete and utter mystery. More details will probably be revealed a little closer to Christmas.

In case you're feeling especially eager when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, Hallmark will be giving us some Christmas-themed programming at the halfway point in 2018. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries will kick off their Gold Crown Christmas programming on June 29, which will run until July 8. Hallmark Channel will follow that up with their Keepsake Christmas run from July 6 to July 15. Both of these blocks will feature re-airings of their past original holiday movies. None of the new flicks will debut during this time, even though the networks premiered some new movies during this time last year. Might be a good excuse to catch up on some of the 33 Christmas movies you may have missed last year.

Not to be totally outdone, Lifetime announced last week that they're also going to debut 14 new Christmas movies in 2018. So, between Lifetime and Hallmark, there's a whole lot of new holiday fare to go around this year. Quality control certainly won't become an issue when producing this many movies, right? Hallmark Channel will begin to roll out this year's new Christmas movies on October 27 as part of its Countdown to Christmas programming block begins. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries kicks off their Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas programming on November. 4, which is when they will begin to air their dozen new holiday offerings. This news comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.