The Walking Dead season 7 is moving right along and we are fastly approaching the mid-season finale. There are just three episodes left and the fate of many characters on the show remains uncertain. We don't know how long Carl, played by Chandler Riggs, will make it on the show. But if we ever get to see him all grown up, we definitely hope he looks something like this.

Recently, UK artist M.J. Hiblen took to his Facebook page in order to post his rendition of what a grown up version of Carl Grimes might look like. Not even The Walking Dead comics have explored what a grown up Carl would look like, but if it is anything like what is shown here, it would be something many fans would want to see. That would depend on Carl making it through quite a few more years of the zombie apocalypse alive, which may not happen. If nothing else, season 7 of The Walking Dead has proved that absolutely nobody is safe.

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Carl, even after being shot early on in the series and losing an eye later on, has maintained this relative, youthful innocence to him. At least in his look. M.J. Hiblen has envisioned a very grizzled, very battle hardened and very different Carl in the future. He definitely has touches of his father, Rick Grimes, in him and perhaps most notably, he is carrying around what appears to be Negan's trusty, bloody bat Lucille. Carl also carries Michonne's sword, which means poor Michonne didn't make it into old age either. Even after all of the years that passed, he still has his dad's old hat, which is kind of a nice touch. Sadly, it is starting to look like these visions of an old Carl Grimes may be something we can only dream about.

Recently, some posts by Chandler Riggs and his father on social media have made it seem like Carl won't be making it out of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one way or the other. He has reportedly wrapped up his seven-year contract with the show and recently got accepted to Auburn. It is hard to imagine him being able to balance college and shooting schedule demanded by the show. Here is what his dad William Riggs had to say.

"7 year contract completed! Grateful to AMC, Cast & Crew, TWD fan base and especially Chandler for always being 100% dedicated. Whether it was getting up at 4AM, working in the freezing cold past 2AM, leaving his friends and carefree kiddom behind, scrambling to make up missed schoolwork, he has done it without complaint and always made me proud & amazed to be his dad!"

So yeah, that doesn't make it sound as though Chandler Riggs has a big future with the show. Another option is that the next season could jump ahead in the timeline a bit and we could see a new actor playing Carl, but that doesn't seem quite as likely. We will have to wait and see how things shake out in the rest of The Walking Dead season 7. For now, you can check out this excellent art of an older Carl done by M.J. Hiblen for yourself below.