Although fans of the TV series Grimm said their goodbyes to the show last year, it turns out that there's much more story in the show's universe left to tell. NBC is now actively developing a Grimm Spin-Off series for the show, which will present an entirely new lead character for the series to follow. Word is, this protagonist will be female, providing a different take on how this Grimm will be taking on the heinous creatures only she can see. This will maintain the same spirit of the show while also offering plenty of new ground for the writers to explore.

Despite fighting an uphill battle during its entire run on NBC, Grimm did well enough in the ratings to air for six full seasons. Its Friday night timeslot is usually certain death for most shows, but Grimm endured long enough for the show to receive a proper ending by the end of season 6. The series starred David Giuntoli as Portland detective Nick Burkhardt, who's secretly a part of a line of monster hunters known as Grimms. Although fans were sad to see Nick's journey come to an end, the series did provide a satisfactory conclusion to his story, which also plays a primary motivation for NBC to go another direction with the spinoff.

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In the story, only those who are Grimms can see the creatures who roam undetected by others, which Nick would refer to as Wesen. Each episode of the series would usually see Nick confront the monsters by the end of the show as he investigated each mystery. As the series went on, other Grimms were introduced, teasing how much of a larger world there is to this story. Presumably, the new female lead will be a Grimm as Nick is, and will possibly take place in an all new location somewhere far away from the Portland area.

We might be following a new lead character, but that doesn't mean we won't still be seeing some familiar faces. Along with several new characters, there will be some old names from Grimm who will be adapted into the spinoff as well. As the project is very early into development, there's no word yet on who we can expect to see, but there's enough here to let the fan speculation begin. Featuring some cameos will be a great way to link the two shows together, and it's going to be interesting to see how the network manages to pull it off.

Melissa Glenn, who wrote many episodes of various TV shows including Marvel's Iron Fist and Beauty and the Beast, is serving as an executive producer. The original show's co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf are also on board as consulting producers. No names have yet been officially added to the show's cast, but as production continues, we can only expect that information to be soon forthcoming. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.