We have some new details on the upcoming Green Lantern TV show. We learned in October of last year that HBO Max, WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service, will play host to a show based on the DC Comics property. While details were slim at the time, other than confirming that mega-producer Greg Berlanti is involved, we've now learned a few key details, including some of the characters that will be inolved.

The details were revealed by Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max head of originals, during a recent panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. When asked about the show, Aubrey revealed that there will be not one but two different Green Lanterns involved, as well as the villain Sinestro. Here's what Aubrey had to say about it.

"We're in the early stages of talking to him about it but he did say that the series so far is going to span several decades and focus on the origin story of two major Green Lanterns on earth while going into the story in space of a Green Lantern favorite character of Sinestro."

It's not clear at this time who, precisely, those Lanterns will be. One would assume that Hal Jordan and John Stewart the top candidates. Another subject that came up was the fact that this show will be produced for HBO Max and not DC Universe, which is currently home to shows like Titans and {Harley Quinn. Sarah Aubrey explained that they're still working out the details of how to make both services work together in harmony.

"You can expect that the DC video will be in the HBO Max experience, but the deeper fan experience of DCU I think can work in tandem. We're working out what those mechanics are. I'm not opposed to giving those fans a preview of our show, letting them evangelize, whether that's one episode or even maybe a day to preview the whole series because they're really the ones who'll get out and talk about it. So we really want to figure out how to honor those fans and we've got to figure out the two subscriptions, and we haven't done that yet about what that looks like."

DC Universe is becoming less and less essential. Stargirl, another original being produced for the service, will be airing on The CW and Doom Patrol season 2 will also be streaming on HBO Max. At some point, subscribers may start to feel cheated. It's hard not to wonder if WarnerMedia won't just fold the two services together down the line.


Greg Berlanti, aside from producing the Arrowverse shows, also wrote 2011's much-maligned Green Lantern movie. He's since made up for it in the DC world, to be certain. HBO Max is set to launch later this year, and DC will have a big presence on the service. An animated Aquaman series was also announced recently. There is no word on when the Green Lantern show will arrive, but we'll be sure to keep you posted. This news comes to us via Slash Film.