This is not a drill, nor is it a cruel and unusual April Fool's Day joke. This is very real. Cameron Monaghan, at long last, has been really, truly revealed as the Joker in a new promo for the Gotham series finale. Additionally, a couple of photos have made their way online, which tease a very different, yet faithful to the comics, version of the character on the horizon.

Fox released a trailer for the finale, which kicks off with a shot outside the walls of Arkham Asylum. Once inside, we see Cameron Monaghan, looking rather rough, with almost no hair and the skin on his face rather chewed up. We then cut to a shot of him in the full get up. Pale skin, red lips, big purple jacket, yellow gloves. The whole bit. Monaghan even throws in a signature laugh to drive the whole thing home. While different DC fans will feel their own way about this take on the character, it's inarguably the Joker. By far the most exciting bit comes at the very end when "J" (as the teaser labels him) turns around to find a Batarang in his hand, resulting in another maniacal laugh.

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We've been back and forth, up and down, teased to no end about the Clown Prince of Crime in this show. Various precursors to the classic DC villain have been showcased, looking enough like the Joker for fans to believe we had finally crossed that line. But he was never called by that name and the show's creative team has made sure to set the record straight in the past. Now, it's unavoidable, as this is the Joker, straight-up, no matter what they want to call him.

While much of what we're going to see in the show's final two episodes remains a mystery, what we know for sure is that the finale will largely take place after a huge time jump. We also know that Batman will play a major part. It's not just going to be a quick cameo. The network has also been playing this up, recently releasing a poster of David Mazouz in costume as the Caped Crusader. Cameron Monaghan, for his part, took to Twitter to promise us that the finale will feature a showdown between the two icons.

"It was an honor to face off against The Batman for the series finale, airing April 25th."

The two images both offer a full body look at the Joker. One features the character in a scene from the show, gun in hand aiming at some unlucky soul. The other is more of a poster, which features the villain with a menacing smile. For nearly 100 episodes, this show has been building up to the eventual reveal of a fully-fledged Batman. We're finally going to get that reveal in just a few weeks and, as luck would have it, he's going to face off against his arch nemesis. Could this series have ended any other way? Gotham returns for its penultimate episode on April 18. Be sure to check out the new teaser from the Gotham YouTube channel below.