A brand new trailer for Gotham season 5 is here to set up the final run of episodes for the DC series. The whole show has been predicated on seeing Gotham City before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and, as this new footage shows us, the world has never needed a hero more. The series hasn't exactly skimped on the villains in the past, but this trailer reveals that the show's final season is going to be overflowing with DC baddies, with the arrival of Bane (Shane West), as well as some other new and returning faces of evil.

This trailer is subtitled This is the End, which comes with cryptic meaning beyond the fact that Gotham season 5 will conclude the series. Gotham City is in a state of pure chaos, with Commissioner Gordon doing his best to keep things from spiraling totally out of control. We see quite a few shots of various villains, including our new Bane who was previously revealed in some less-than-flattering photos. There are also shots of Cameron Monaghan as a character clearly meant to be The Joker who can't be called The Joker for weird business reasons, as well as The Riddler, Catwoman and someone that look suspiciously like Harley Quinn.

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Part of the problem is that Warner Bros., the studio in control of DC, doesn't like to have different versions of the same characters on both the big and small screen at the same time. That's why Jerome couldn't be called The Joker and why that character who looks a lot like Harley Quinn may not be called Harley Quinn. In any case, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is going to have his hands full this season before fully realizing his destiny. To hammer home the show's ultimate destination, this season's subtitle is revealed to be Legend of the Dark Knight in the trailer.

Prior to this, Fox had released a sizzle reel during New York Comic Con, but this is certainly our best look so far at the upcoming final run of episodes. Much of the excitement has to do with seeing David Mazouz actually suit up as Batman, something that has only been teased up to this point. But they're surely going to withhold that until it's revealed in the show. So don't expect to see that in any teasers leading up to the finale next year.

Recently, it was announced that season 5 had been extended to 12 episodes. Originally, it was only going to be a much shorter 10 episode final season. Fox wasn't certain that the series would be renewed at all following the conclusion of season 4. So die hard fans will have at least a little more DC action to look forward to before things wrap up. Gotham season 5 is set to debut on Thursday, January 3, 2019. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer from the Gotham YouTube channel below.