Bane is officially coming to Gotham and things look like they're going to get pretty intense as evidenced by the latest trailer released at NYCC. Shane West is playing the villainous Bane this time around, not the character's father, which had been previously rumored. The new trailer for the series packs in a lot, teasing the final season while simultaneously recapping some of the most epic moments to come out of the show.

The Gotham panel at NYCC unfortunately did not reveal a firm release date for the fan-favorite series, but it's expected to come out midseason 2019. In addition to the first real Batman reveal, the final season will also feature the return of Zsasz, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, and Penguin, along with the debut of Shane West's Bane. Fans of Gotham are hopping that another network picks up the show, or even DC's streaming service. However, the odds of that happening seem to be pretty slim.

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Gotham hit some ratings slumps in Season 4, though it holds generally positive reviews from fans and critics. With that being said, the show is pulling out all the stops for the final season, which should see a ratings bump when it premieres next year. Showrunner John Stephens talked about the upcoming season and the excitement surrounding it. He had this to say.

"It's exciting, but also scary (going into the final year). We pick up after the bridges have been blown and the government has disavowed Gotham... all of our characters have their sections (they've claimed). People are fighting for survival. Jim is trying to keep people safe until the government hopefully rescues them at some point."

The last season of Gotham is going to show the city spiraling out of control with more villains added to the mix, which is the perfect time for Batman to make an appearance. The show has always been a gamble, taking place well before Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight, but it has brought up some awesome insight into the villains, a factor that many fans love most about the series. There's only ten episodes left, so everything is set up to be short and succinct for the final storyline.

Everything has been written for the fifth season of Gotham, except for the grand finale, which the producers say is going to be pretty awesome. There's still a lot of waiting to do before the show comes back, so it might be a good time to go back and re-watch the previous four seasons to get prepared for the fifth and final season. You can watch the latest trailer for Gotham Season 5 below, thanks to the official Gotham YouTube channel. There are some spoilers for Season 4, so only watch if your all caught up.