Gotham Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019. DC fans have been waiting for months to see when Fox was going to reveal the premiere date, with many assuming that they were going to announce it at this month's NYCC, but that was not the case. Instead, fans were treated with another Gotham sizzle reel. Since then, we've seen images of Shane West's Bane and gotten confirmation that the fat version of the Penguin will make an appearance in the final episode of the series. It has also been announced that the final season will get two more episodes, bringing the grand total to 12.

Gotham Season 5 will feature the first real Batman reveal and will see the return of Zsasz, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, and Penguin, along with the debut of Shane West's Bane. While Season 4 saw a ratings slump, it is still beloved by fans who may be watching the series through ways that aren't necessarily legal. The response to the show has been pretty overwhelming, and DC fans are going to be sad to see it go, especially as it starts to get more into the world of Batman and into the world of Gotham that everybody is most familiar with.

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Season 4 of Gotham ended with a cliffhanger, and it was uncertain at the time if the network was going to order a fifth season since the ratings took a bit of a dive. However, the network ended up ordering Season 5, with the intention of it being the final season. That news was bittersweet since Gotham was originally planned out to go longer, but fans will have to take what they can get as the writers figure out how to cram as much story as possible into the last season, tying up all of the loose ends in the process. At least two more episodes should give some more time to properly tell the story.

While DC fans have been waiting for Batman since Gotham made its debut, the series has offered an awesome view into the villains of Gotham in the process. The city is now spiraling out of control, which means that Batman has to come in to save the day. It's going to be interesting to see how the show is able to fit everything in with only twelve episodes remaining, but the cast and crew seemed very excited at NYCC to share what they have been working on to give the show a proper sendoff.

January seems like it's far away right now, but it will be here before we know it. Gotham starts up again right at the beginning of the year, and may get a ratings boost from Thursday Night Football in addition to the fact that it's the final season. As of NYCC, all of Season 5 had been written, except for the series finale, which may have been written by now. Whatever the case may be, it's looking like the final season of Gotham is going to go out with a bang. The Season 5 premiere date of Gotham was first announced by The Hollywood Reporter.