A new Gotham set photo finally reveals the show's version of The Joker. For quite some time, Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan, has been making a slow transformation into a character that many thought would be The Joker. However, those in charge of the series have insisted that Jerome isn't actually going to be the famed Batman Villain. However, as revealed in this new set photo, that doesn't mean The Joker isn't making his way to Gotham. But that does raise some interesting questions.

As we see in the photo, Cameron Monaghan is decked out in full Joker garb that is quite reminiscent of Jack Nicholson's version of the character from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie. While there are various versions of The Joker that have appeared on screen and in the pages of DC Comics over the years, Gotham's version does appear to be one that will make fans happy. But what's the story with this Joker? If Monaghan is playing the Clown Prince of Crime, but it's not Jerome that actually becomes the Joker, then what's going on?


It turns out, Cameron Monaghan is actually going to play two roles this season on Gotham. Rumors began swirling online recently that the actor was indeed going to play two roles on Season 4. During a recent interview with Comicbook.com ahead of the Gotham season 4 mid-season debut, the actor did indeed confirm that to be the case. So, it appears he's going to play Jerome and The Joker, but as two different characters. Monaghan, as one would expect, wasn't able to reveal much about his new role, but the actor describes playing two parts as challenging. Here's what he had to say about it.

"It's a very strange thing. Obviously I can't get too much into what the theory is or what that's like. I will say that I wanted to make this guy feel distinct and I wanted to make him be visually different, I wanted him to carry himself different, I wanted his voice to be different. I wanted everything about him to be accepted. So that's a challenge in itself, but also a challenge is, you're basically acting with yourself. It's a very weird thing. It's definitely one of the most challenging things I've ever had to do as an actor. It was a bit of a head-trip."

It was also revealed by Cameron Monaghan's Gotham co-star in an interview with Bustle that this second character is "psychotic" and that he would work with Jerome in leading Gotham to revolt." That certainly sounds like The Joker and, based on this set photo, it's just a matter of time before we finally see the famed villain make his small screen debut on Fox's live-action DC series. Maybe we'll get to see Batman and The Joker throw down before the series wraps up? Be sure to check out the new Gotham set photo of The Joker, courtesy of Jay Warren's Twitter account, for yourself below.