Gotham hasn't even given us a fully formed Batman yet, but they are working their way through the character's massive library of villains. Gotham season 4 is stepping things up in that department and bringing us even more classic Batman bad guys, and the latest one is definitely on the stranger side of things. The next episode of Gotham is finally going to unleash Solomon Grundy, which has been teased for a little while now. And a new promo gives us our very first look at Drew Powell as the undead monster.

This first look at actor Drew Powell as Solomon Grundy comes from a new TV spot that is hyping up episode 5 of Gotham season 4, which is set to debut on Thursday, October 19, on Fox. So, Solomon Grundy won't be born on a Monday, but based on this brief look, it appears he's going to be brought to life faithfully. He's got the pale skin, the build, the suit, the white hair and the lumbering walk. It's spot on from what we see in this TV spot. Here's the official synopsis for episode 5 of Gotham season 4, which is titled A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path.

"Nygma comes face-to-face with Butch Gilzean, but he is not who he used to be. In an attempt to regain power and identity, Nygma decides to put his former partner's skills to the test. Meanwhile, Sofia Falcone takes action to protect her own life by appealing to Penguin's vulnerable side. With the power of the dagger in his possession, Bruce surprises those around him with his bold actions in the all-new 'A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path' episode of Gotham"

Solomon Grundy is going to be crossing paths with Edward Nygma, aka Riddler, in this episode, which should make things pretty interesting. For those who may not be familiar, Solomon Grundy was a corrupt man named Cyrus Gold in the comics. In this case, he's Butch Gilzean. The character met his untimely death in Slaughter Swamp and was brought back to life as a powerful, immortal monster. Every time Grundy dies, he comes back to life at the swamp, but he always comes back in a different way. Sometimes as a blinding rage monster that destroys everything in his path, sometimes as a highly-intelligent monster with brains and strength. He's one of Batman's more bizarre, but also more interesting foes.


Aside from Solomon Grundy, this episode of Gotham is also going to see David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne going toe-to-toe with Ra's Al Ghul, but he seems pretty underprepared. This season promises to give us a more fully-formed Batman and, who knows? Maybe next season we'll pretty much have a full-on, live-action Batman TV show to watch Be sure to get your first look at Solomon Grundy in the new Gotham season 4 TV spot, courtesy of the tvpromosdb YouTube channel, for yourself below.