While superheroes continue to dominate on the big screen, Fox has taken a different approach with their hit series Gotham, which the network renewed for Season 3 back in March. While we still have a few months left until the show returns, new details have come out that reveal this season will be much different, in a few ways. The DC Comics show will be addressing themes that all Americans should recognize this year, while one character will also be re-cast.

Gotham is set in the infamous city from the DC Comics, showcasing the origins of several different heroes and villains like Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Penguin (Robin Taylor), Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and many more. While the show is set in this fictional world, there are still several themes that are relevant in today's society. During an interview with Cinefilios, star Cory Michael Smith, who plays The Riddler, teased that Season 3 will explore the presidential elections, leading up to the big day in November. Here's what he had to say below.

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"Gotham, like many superhero stories, is a parallel of today's society, of what happens every day, and in the third season, in the fall, when the United States will stand preparing to face one of the most important presidential elections in their history, even Gotham will address, in parallel, the issue."

Unfortunately, he wouldn't shed any light on what these Gotham elections may entail, but it's possible that some of these characters may be running for Mayor of Gotham City, although that's only speculation at this point. There is one other change we do know about, with TV Line reporting that the show is re-casting Poison Ivy in Season 3. Clare Foley, who played Ivy Pepper/Poison Ivy during the first two seasons, will not be returning, since Ivy Pepper will be making her full transition into Poison Ivy in Season 3.

The show is currently seeking actresses in their late teens for the character, who will now become a series regular. Ivy Pepper had only appeared sporadically throughout the first two seasons, appearing in nine episodes in total, but this season, she will be more prominently featured as an up and coming eco-terrorist. We'll likely get more details on this season when the show descends upon Comic Con next month, so stay tuned for more details. It has previously been reported that this season will also introduce DC Comics characters Vicki Vale and The Mad Hatter, although these characters have yet to be cast at this time. Stay tuned for more on Gotham as we get closer to the Season 3 premiere.