The Titans trailer was unveiled at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and it featured Robin declaring, "F*ck Batman." The phrase sent shockwaves through the comic book community and even reached Gotham's David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne in the series. In a recent interview, Mazouz responded to the now infamous line, and takes the whole thing in stride. Gotham is currently gearing up for its final season, which means that there's going to be a lot going on and a lot to take in and Mazouz doesn't have time to think about Dick Grayson.

Gotham's David Mazouz was asked about the "F*ck Batman" line from the Titans Comic-Con trailer and faked like he was hurt about it. He said, "Screw you too," before laughing at what he had just said. Dick Grayson, who is played by Brenton Thwaites, has yet to send out some more words of wisdom for Mazouz's Bruce Wayne character, but it would be pretty funny if the two actors started a fake feud to raise awareness for both shows.

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Some DC fans were divided after the Titans trailer made its debut, but series co-creator Geoff Johns said that the controversial phrase was for a good reason, and not meant to shock. In the comics, Dick Grayson joins the Teen Titans after terminating his partnership with Batman and the new series will shed some more light on why he left. Johns states that the declaration is a part of the Titans storyline. He explains.

"That's actually part of the story of Titans. When we meet Dick Grayson in Titans, it's very much the canon of what Marv (Wolfman) and George (Perez) did. This is after he's obviously split from Batman, if that wasn't clear enough, and why he did and what happened."

In Titans, Dick Grayson is looking to find a place to fit in after working with Batman. Geoff Johns continued by saying that all of the Titans are a bit lost, which is why they all fit in so well together. They all share a common bond of looking for their spots in the world, while having a bit of a chip on their shoulders. Johns had this to say.

"There's a story to be told in the series. Dick Grayson is really trying to find a new place in the world, a new spot, a new life, just like all the other Titans are. They're all lost, and they find one another to form this surrogate family."

As for Gotham, fans have had some pretty serious questions leading into the final season. The mystery of Barbara Kean with her new hairstyle and how she'll be fitting into the grand scheme of things is the major question that DC fans have at this point. Since Season 5 of Gotham will be the last, fans are also expecting something big from David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne. The show returns to Fox next year and while we wait, you can check out Mazouz's response to Dick Grayson below, thanks to the SyFy Twitter account.