It looks like Gotham season 5 is going to be taking on the events of Batman: Zero Year. Gotham just wrapped up its fourth season on Fox and left fans with a lot to ponder in the offseason. The network has renewed the DC series for a shortened, final season that will finally see the young Bruce Wayne become Batman. While a great many details regarding next season's plot remain under wraps, producer John Stephens has revealed a little bit of what we can expect.

Warning: spoilers ahead for the Gotham season 4 finale. Following the final episode of season 4, producer John Stephens was asked about what DC Comics stories might influence the show's upcoming final run of episodes. "You mean besides 'No Man's Land"'?" he joked, as the finale saw the complete destruction of Gotham. After that, Stephens dished a bit on what to expect, including a little bit of the Zero Year storyline. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"There are, and I'm trying to remember which [stories] they actually are. There's gonna be a little bit of Zero Year in there, you know as well. [You know] some of that stuff, especially with Nygma. And there's another one but if I tell you what it is it really does spoil the story."

Scotty Snyder's Zero Year, not to be confused with Batman: Year One, was part of DC's New 52 initiative and centers heavily on Riddler. Given that Hugo Strange will be bringing Edward Nigma back to life, as teased by the season 4 finale, we can guess he's going to factor in next season. Even though Year One is a totally different storyline, exploring Batman's first year in the cape, it's not hard to imagine elements of that story may creep in as well. For those who may not be familiar, here is a synopsis for Batman: Zero Year.

"Six years ago, the legend of Batman emerged amid the greatest catastrophe Gotham had ever endured. A maniac calling himself The Riddler shut down all electric power mere days before a terrifying superstorm. But the Dark Knight isn't the only hero to surface during this moment in time known only as the Zero Year! Journey back to the Zero Year to see the early tales of heroes and heroines such as Nightwing, Green Arrow, Batgirl, Superman, Birds of Prey, Catwoman and more!"

David Mazouz, who plays the young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, has literally grown up before our eyes. He's 17-years-old now though and that's just old enough for him to really do some crime fighting next year. Aside from the Zero Year stuff, Cameron Monaghan had also fully transformed into The Joker, even though the show can't call him that, which is a little frustrating. In any case, Gotham season 5 potentially has a lot going for it and could make for a thrilling final run on Fox.