It looks like The Good Place and Parks and Recreation may very well take place in the same universe. The Good Place is considered by many to be one of the best TV shows currently airing, which is really saying something considering the era of television we're living in. The show airs on NBC, which just so happens to be the network that Parks and Recreation aired on during its run. Now, some evidence has been discovered that links the two beloved shows and seemingly proves that they do take place in the same universe.

This has moved from fun fan theory to actual, plausible scenario, despite the fact that nobody involved in the making of The Good Place has actually addressed it. In any case, the evidence was discovered by the Twitter user Darran Stobbart. He shared a photo from The Good Place that features Eleanor (Kristen Bell) reading an issue of Celebrity Baby. On the back cover, there's an add that looks inconspicuous enough, but reveals a cologne ad for Dennis Feinstein cologne and a champagne made by Jean-Ralphio. As one might expect, Stobbart was just as surprised as anyone to have discovered this.

"Just discovered that The Good Place takes place in the Parks and Rec universe and now by whole brain is crying."

Dennis Feinstein was a recurring fragrance mogul character played by Jason Mantzoukas on Parks and Recreation. Fans of the show also know Jean-Ralphio, played by Ben Schwartz, as the very good friend to Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari). The duo famously started, and quickly ran into the ground, the company Entertainment 720. Based on this ad in The Good Place, it looks like Feinstein is still in the fragrance game and Jean-Ralphio has since found his way into the high-end alcohol game. Is he trying to top Snake Juice?


This raises a ton of questions, but does this really mean the shows exist in the same universe? It's possible that those behind The Good Place just threw this in for a bit of fun, but it also could be setting up some sort of crossover in the future. Could you imagine how excited fans would be if some of the cast from Parks and Recreation came back for a crossover with The Good Place? How would that even work? Can you imagine Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope playing around in that world? There's a lot of great comedy to potentially mine from such an idea.

However, there are issues to address. For one, there would be some redundancy. Kristen Bell plays Eleanor on The Good Place and also played Ingrid in Parks and Rec. Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Scott, who plays Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, have also had roles in The Good Place. So it would be really tough to work around that, but in any case, it's now plausible to assume that these shows share a universe. And that's nothing new really, as NBC did this in the past with what has become known as the Seinfeld universe, with Kramer showing up on Mad About You, which featured Phoebe's Twin Sister, both of which appeared on Friends, tying all three shows together. Heck, it's even possible that All five of these shows take place oil the same universe. Which could open up the potential to see any character from any of these shows wind up in The Good Place. The Good Place could ultimately be the place where old NBC characters go to die. The potential is limitless. You can check out the evidence for yourself below, courtesy of the Words From Darran Twitter account.