Last week, ABC announced that the new host of their Gong Show revival will be a British comedian and actor named Tommy Maitland, who is actually a character being played by Mike Myers. ABC's official press release didn't make any mention of Myers' involvement, with his name even said to be left off the credits, and the network and/or Mike Myers creating an elaborate back story for Tommy Maitland. Last night during ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian Will Arnett served as a guest host, where he introduced Tommy Maitland to the world, as you can see in a new video.

During last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Will Arnett was pulling double duty, not only serving as guest host, filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, but also promoting his new Gong Show revival, which he serves as an executive producer on. After an awkward plug for the show, Will Arnett revealed that the new host Tommy Maitland was in the crowd, inviting him up to talk for a few minutes. While it was still never confirmed throughout the video that Tommy Maitland is in fact Mike Myers, longtime fans of the comedian will surely notice that both Tommy and Mike share some of the same facial expressions.

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When asked how he liked being in America, Tommy Maitland/Mike Myers went on berate Will Arnett, stating that only in a country like America could someone like him make it so big, before describing him as a cross between "George Hamilton and a Crest White Strip." He went on to explain that the guest host's nickname in Great Britain is Mr. Hand Sanitizer, for a rather crude yet hilarious reason involving "pumps" and "squirts." He even took some shots at Will Arnett's recent theatrical hit, The LEGO Batman Movie, where he "plays a piece of plastic."

The official announcement revealing Tommy Maitland as this new Gong Show host included a statement from Robert Mills, senior vice president, Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming, ABC Entertainment, who stated that "those who are familiar with the original The Gong Show and its host Chuck Barris will be pleased with Tommy." This news came just a month after Chuck Barris himself, who also claimed to be a CIA assassin while he was creating The Gong Show, The Newlywed Game and others, passed away at the age of 87. It was never confirmed that Chuck Barris did work for the CIA, with the agency denying his involvement several times.

As for Tommy Maitland, his lengthy biography revealed he was born July 7, 1944, which would make this person/character 72 years of age. The bio also revealed that he starred in fictional TV shows such as The Lord Mayor, centering on a town which struck it rich after discovering oil. He also starred in a few fake James Bond rip-offs entitled You Only Live Once, To Be Honest and From Russia, Luv. He also hosted a fake British game show called Tell You What, and a Australian game show called Dingo's Got the Baby. It will be interesting to see if The Gong Show will go so far as to even film segments from these fake movies and TV shows, to try and throw the viewers off. Take a look at this video from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest-hosted by Will Arnett, which introduces Tommy Maitland to the world.