You can thank Toynk for being a friend, as the costume, toy, and collectible company has unveiled their The Golden Girls 2020 Summer Collection featuring some all-new merchandise based on the popular sitcom. Originally running for seven seasons between 1985 and 1991, The Golden Girls followed the lives of four mature women sharing a Miami home with a cast featuring Bea Arthur as Dorothy, Betty White as Rose, Rue McClanahan as Blanche, and Estelle Getty as Sophia. While the series stopped producing new episodes nearly 30 years ago, its prevalence on streaming services have kept the popularity of The Golden Girls as strong as ever in 2020.

Four amazing T-shirts have been revealed as a part of the Golden Girls 2020 Summer Collection, now available to be purchased through the Toynk website. Two of the shirts feature all four cast members, including the mustard-colored 'Stay Golden Japan!' shirt featuring an illustration of The Golden Girls with "Stay Golden, Japan!" written in Japanese underneath. The 'On Wednesdays We Wear Gold' shirt with the cast is more tropical, featuring all four characters wearing bright yellow clothing underneath a couple palm trees against a white background. Similar to the other shirt, it says "On Wednesdays We Wear Gold" in a golden font underneath.

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The other two Golden Girls shirts feature fan favorite Sophia Petrillo. One awesome shirt spoofs The Godfather poster by changing the title to The Godmother and replacing Marlon Brando with Estelle Getty. Naturally, the puppeteering hand has also been replaced with a slice of cheesecake. The fourth Golden Girls shirt is light blue in color and shows Sophia striking a pose with her signature handbag. Adding a nice touch is text on the shirt that also reads, "Sophia is my Homegirl." As the product description reads, "Sophia seems to be the mother (or grandmother) that we all wish we could have! Now you can celebrate your love for this matriarch of funny in the form of this Golden Girls T-shirt!"

A set of four "For President" 3-inch metal button pins are also included in the Golden Girls 2020 Summer Collection. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia all have their own unique pins calling for each of the ladies to become the president. Whether you wear all four at once or throw your support behind one particular character's presidential campaign is up to you. According to Toynk, the button pins come with other advantages as well. "Not only will you have an impressive button pin set, but you'll also get daily inspiration to live your best life and take sass from no one as you blaze the campaign trail!" the product description adds.

You can also find plenty of other previously-released Golden Girls clothing and collectibles at the Toynk website. This includes wigs and costumes for all four leading ladies from the classic comedy series, as well as tons of other nifty merchandise like games, blankets, shot glasses, magnets, tiki mugs, Golden Girls action figures from Funko and NECA, and even officially-licensed Chia Pets of the characters. You can check out the whole collection of Golden Girls 2020 Summer Collection merchandise at the official website for Toynk.

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