Audiences did not know what to expect when GLOW debuted on Netflix in 2017. But the fictional account about the making of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling TV show quickly picked up a devoted fan following. That is why many fans were crushed when it was recently announced that Netflix will not be picking GLOW up for a fourth season. In an interview with The Playlist, the star of the series, Alison Brie, expressed her desire to see a GLOW movie get made to wrap up various loose story ends but doubted it would ever actually happen.

"I certainly think a ['GLOW'] movie could tie everything up. Our creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, are incredible writers. And they're so devoted to these characters that they created. I think a movie would be a great way to wrap it up. I'm a little pessimistic about it actually happening just in light of everything that's gone on this year and how difficult it is to get anything back into production with [the emergency], and I'm also part of the 'Community' cast, who's been trying to get a movie going for six years, so what I'm saying is don't hold your breath because if it does happen, it might take a minute."
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Brie is right to be skeptical of seeing GLOW getting picked up as a movie project. As the actress pointed out, she has already been a part of a TV show with a huge cult following, Community. If that show, with a fairly large network audience, could not get a movie greenlit, then GLOW, with a much more fragmented digital audience, stands an even lesser chance. Still, Brie is proud of what they were able to achieve with GLOW over three seasons.

"It's definitely a bummer. I'm going to miss playing with those incredible women and Marc Maron and Chris Lowell. But you know, we're so lucky. We're lucky that we got to make three, to me, perfect seasons of a show. I love it so much and it will live on Netflix forever. So people can still check it out."

The recent cancellation of GLOW, alongside another hit new series Teenage Bounty Hunters, had social media in an uproar, with fans blasting Netflix for taking promising shows off the air for no discernible reason. But the truth is, digital streaming is a vastly different business than network television, and Netflix has to take many other factors into account while deciding which shows to renew than simply audience viewership.

As Brie states, while GLOW might not get a new season or a movie, the first three seasons of the show are still on Netflix, waiting to be discovered by a new generation of fans of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

GLOW was created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. The series stars Allison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Marc Maron, Chris Lowell, and Kia Stevens. Seasons 1-3 of GLOW are currently streaming on Netflix. The Playlist was the first to report these quotes.