Glee ended its Season 3 Winter Finale On My Way with a major cliffhanger, leaving one of our favorite characters' lives hanging in the balance. If you haven't watch the episode yet, which aired this past Tuesday, then don't read any further (though it may be hard to avert your eyes)!

Major Spoiler Alert!

Shortly after Sue (Jane Lynch) called Quinn (Dianna Agron) on being nothing more than a lame back-up singer for the show choir and returning her Cheerios skirt, the poor wretch got into a car accident while texting and driving (it's all Rachel's (Lea Michele) fault really, the selfish twat). The episode ended with a truck plowing into the driver's side of Quinn's beautiful face. Cut to black.

Is Quinn alive or dead?

Someone snapped a spy pic that reveals Quinn is going to make it out of the accident alive! But, like poor Artie (Kevin McHale), she is now confined to a wheelchair. Which will have Kurt (Chris Colfer) once again crying over the spiteful things he said to her in defense of Dave's (Max Adler) suicide attempt.

Glee retruns with the all-new Season 3 episode Big Brother on April 3rd, revealing Quinn's senior year fate. Will she ever walk (or dance) again? You can check out an early sneak peek below.

Glee Cliffhanger Spoiler Set Photo