Fox Entertainment seem to have been spending a lot of time recently trawling through some of their most successful properties and working out which they can possibly squeeze some more juice out of. There have been a wealth of revivals and reboots announced this year, and it looks like musical comedy drama Glee could be the next on the hit list of shows getting a new lease of life. While this is one that has been hinted at for over two years, since star Kevin Hale commented that a reboot of the show was a possibility, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn has made comments that seem to suggest that the idea is certainly one that has been entertained with this latest glut of returning franchises.


Thorn's comments came in an interview with Deadline, in which Michael Thorn revealed that discussions about bringing back fan-favorite 24 are actively on going with a pitch having already been made. When it comes to Glee, Thorn said that there are a number of new versions of many classic franchises being talked about, and that on a personal level he "would love to do more" of the high school based series, although he did not go into any more details of what, if any, ideas are floating around for that revival.

"We always welcome celebrating our iconic shows and revisiting those with surprising takes and new approaches so, especially in this crowded market, we're always open to reinventing our best IP with some of our favorite partners," Thorn explained.


Glee came to an end back in 2015, and while it seems a little early to be talking about a reboot, that doesn't mean that a rebooted sequel would be off the cards, with historical characters from the series include to pave the way for a new generation. However, it was only last year that series creator Ryan Murphy talked about a potential idea for bringing back the series, and it wasn't just a throwaway idea but instead was pretty much a full series synopsis.

"Imagine it's 2009, and I lived in a world where I knew Lea Michele, Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein (Ben and Beanie, I believe, were in high school then...and I think they dressed up as Glee characters once for Halloween?)" Murphy wrote on Instagram. "If I had access to that talent, here's the new pilot: Lea and Ben are frenemies who fight for the heart and soul of Glee Club. Ben is also on the football team, and pretty much sleeps with the entire school and is the heartthrob of McKinley. Beanie is their mutual best friend, and torn. Suddenly, Beanie joins forces with Sue Sylvester, joins Glee Club and becomes the main soloist and the ruthless star of the club. Lea and Ben have to then join forces to dethrone her. I WANT TO SHOOT THIS DO OVER PILOT. Maybe I will?"


With so many reboots seeming to be in the works, the question is how many of these will come to fruition, and how many of them will be worth it?