Season 1 of Girl Meets World is still going strong on Disney XD, with the network issuing a renewal for Season 2 back in August. The series has already brought back a number of Boy Meets World stars in Season 1, including Rider Strong's Shawn Hunter and William Daniels' Mr. Feeny, along with series stars Ben Savage as Cory and Danielle Fishel as Topanga. Today, Variety reports that two more Boy Meets World stars, Trina McGee and Blake Clark, will guest star in Season 2.

Trina McGee and Blake Clark will reprise their roles as Angela Moore and Chet Hunter, Shawn Hunter's girlfriend and father, respectively, on Boy Meets World, in an episode entitled "Girl Meets Hurricane". Rider Strong will also return as Shawn Hunter in the episode. Angela Moore dated Shawn Hunter on and off during Boy Meets World, until Shawn's father Chet died of a heart attack in Season 6. Blake Clark continued to appear on Boy Meets World through flashback or as "a subconscious guide" for Shawn, which is how he will be seen in the new Girl Meets World. Angela eventually moved overseas during Boy Meets World's final season, but it isn't known how she will fit into this new episode's story.

"Girl Meets Hurricane" also has another Boy Meets World connection, with William Russ, who plays Cory's father Allen Matthews, set to direct the episode. It isn't known when exactly this episode may air during Season 2. Girl Meets World returns from a brief hiatus with "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice" on Friday, February 6.