Disney+ isn't the only streaming service about to be fully loaded with Marvel TV shows directly connected to the MCU. Hulu already announced several animated series are heading our way including one devoted solely to Howard the Duck. Now it has been announced that Hulu and Marvel are moving forward on a standalone Ghost Rider series and an episodic adaptation of Helstrom.

Both Ghost Rider and Helstrom will be live-action and they will debut on the streaming platform sometime in 2020, though an exact release date has yet to be announced. Ghost Rider was the subject of two Nicolas Cage films featuring the main character Johnny Blaze. This version will be based on Robbie Reyes, a character already introduced on Marvel's Agents of Shield. Reyes is possessed by hellfire and supernaturally bound to a demon, forced to bring vengeance for the innocent people he encounters.

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Gabriel Luna played the character on Agents of Shield, but it hasn't been announced yet if this will be a continuation of that story, with Luna reprising the role, or if someone new will be brought into play a new incarnation of Robbie Reyes. Ingrid Escajeda is the showrunner, and will also executive produce alongside Marvel's Jeph Loeb and Paul Zbyszewski.

Helstrom also has a story revolving around vengeance, with Daimon and Ana Helstrom as the son and daughter of a powerful serial killer who hunt the worst of humanity, each having their own unique skill set. Paul Zbyszewski is the showrunner here, executive producing alongside Marvel's Jeph Loeb. The title shares similarities to the Marvel Comics character of Daimon Hellstrom, also known as Hellstorm and the Son of Satan. The character first appeared in Ghost Rider before getting his own Son of Satan spin-off. He can travel back and forth between Hell, and has a sister named Satana. It isn't known how close the series will follow the comic, as it is already taking great liberties with some of the ideas and characters.

It also isn't noted if there will be any crossover potential between Ghost Rider and Helstrom since they both spring from the same comic world. But it sounds possible at the very least. It's also possible that these two new live-action series could intersect with Hulu's other Marvel series Runaways.

Marvel TV and ABC Signature Studios are co-producing both of these TV shows. Runaways is getting a season 3. The animated Hulu Marvel series include Marvel's M.O.D.O.K, Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Marvel's Tigra & Dazzler Show and Marvel's Howard The Duck, which will come together in a massive special event called Marvel's The Offenders. This news comes from Deadline.