The last few weeks have been pretty bizarre for followers of KFC's social media accounts. At the end of June, the accounts starting posting about the soap opera General Hospital exclusively, recapping episodes. As it turns out, it was all a clever (and head scratching) media stunt to promote National Fried Chicken Day with a guest appearance by George Hamilton as Colonel Sanders on the daytime show. Not only did the Colonel make a special appearance on General Hospital, but he also revealed some new skillsets that we were unfamiliar with.

General Hospital has been on the air since 1963 and has had its fair share of bizarre storylines and plots over the years. Characters have come back from the dead, become crime lords after severe head injuries, and now KFC's Colonel Sanders has come to help out and remind everybody to "stay crispy and humble." The Colonel Sanders appearance certainly makes for the best/worst cameos in recent memory and takes product placement beyond the next level of absurdity.

It all starts when General Hospital character Maxine is bragging to a friend about knowing the Colonel. After a moment of disbelief by Maxine's friend, George Hamilton's version of Colonel Sanders appears at the door to help the character with some computer coding problems that she's having. It's insinuated that this isn't the first time that the KFC hero has been able to help Maxine with his computer expertise. If that wasn't weird enough, he then asks her for "a favor involving his 11 secret herbs and spices." Maxine then takes the secret recipe and hides it in an empty book because there is a "syndicate" that is after the KFC secrets, according to the Colonel.

If that wasn't enough weird for you, it gets even weirder. Colonel Sanders is ridiculously good with computers and texting, with Maxine noting that, "He's so witty it's almost exhausting." But that's not all. Colonel Sanders has also been cursed by a warlock and he can read people's souls, which he proves by telling Maxine that her friend has a pure soul. The short cameo is pretty astonishing, even for General Hospital and KFC. Who would've thought that the Colonel was cursed by a warlock and that he's really good with computers and reading souls?

The KFC Twitter account has been posting little snippets of the cameo since yesterday and the official General Hospital account has posted most of the Colonel's already legendary visit. Veteran actor George Hamilton is the latest to portray Colonel Sanders in KFC's marketing campaign after following in the footsteps of Norm Macdonald, Darrell Hammond, Jim Gaffigan, Rob Riggle, and many more, but he wins for best version by far because we now have a unique story for the mythical KFC spokesman. You can watch nearly all of Colonel Sanders' crazy soap opera appearance below, thanks to the General Hospital Twitter account.