There is a new rumor going around that popular video game studio Bethesda is making an open-world Game of Thrones video game. For as popular as the hit HBO series is, there's surprisingly a lack of Game of Thrones games and the ones that have made it out into the world have been lackluster at best. Bethesda was originally slated to develop a game based on the show back in 2011, but the studio decided to work on their own game, which turned into Skyrim, a game that has been praised as one of the greatest RPG, open-world games ever.

The exciting news comes to us via Target's website, which has a placeholder on their site that lists "Bethesda: Game of Thrones". If this turns out to be true, fans will be able to explore the world of Westeros in an immersive way that many have dreamt of. No other information is shown on the site and the game studio has yet to make an official announcement regarding the possible leak.


This doesn't necessarily confirm that a Game of Thrones RPG is actually in the works by Bethesda, but it's telling that this popped up on Target's website the day before the season 7 finale The Dragon and the Wolf premieres on HBO. So, it wouldn't be surprising to anybody if after the conclusion of Season 7, we get an announcement from Bethesda, HBO or even author George R.R. Martin himself about the new video game in the works. It has also been reported that Bethesda currently has two unnamed, large-scale projects in the works that are in the same open-world vein as Skyrim and Fallout. It is quite possible that one of those unnamed projects is the Game of Thrones RPG that fans have clamored for.


This is speculation at this point, but all of the ducks sure to be lined up for an announcement from Bethesda. If everything does end up going as assumed, Bethesda has done an amazing job keeping such a large secret. As previously mentioned, Bethesda is working on at least two major games that appear to have priority over Elder Scrolls VI. One of those games is rumored to be something called Starfield, which is some sort of action/sci-fi RPG. The other, according to unverified leaks, may be this Game of Thrones title. There isn't much to go on, but the point is that this listing is not totally out of nowhere, and there have been rumors of this game before.


Game of Thrones Season 7 wrapped up last night and there are certain to be some major surprises and we may very well be surprised with a video game announcement in the next few days. An open-world Westeros will be a dream come true for fans and if anybody can take on the massive undertaking of making such a huge game, it's Bethesda. Hopefully we get some announcement real soon, but in the meantime, we still have next season to look forward to, which is going to be an excruciating wait.