The long running animated series The Simpsons has developed a reputation for predicting many future events during its three-decade run, and that list now includes the newest episode of Game of Thrones. Previously, the series had accurately predicted many events by animating them on the show years before they would happen in real life. This includes the Donald Trump presidency, the NSA spying scandal, and even Disney recently buying 20th Century Fox. As it turns out, that scene everyone is talking about from Game of Thrones was previously seen on The Simpsons as well, but before we talk about it, know what there are SPOILERS below.


On the latest Game of Thrones episode, Daenerys Targaryen launched her attack on King's Landing. Although Euron Greyjoy's fleet had previously killed one of the surviving dragons, Daenerys and Drogon came into this battle prepared. All of the "scorpions" constructed to take out the dragons are soon destroyed, leaving the entire city vulnerable. After the gates are destroyed and the invading soldiers begin rushing inside by the hundreds, Cersei's army realizes they've been defeated, and drop their weapons in surrender. The bells in the town are then loudly rung to symbolize their defeat, which Tyrion had been hoping would call off the complete destruction of the city.


However, in a controversial move that's left many fans unhappy, Daenerys chose to move forward with her attack anyway. Using the flames of her dragon, she begins laying waste to all of King's Landing, going back and forth to obliterate every soul on the streets. It's perhaps the darkest scene of the entire show's run, and although the episode also brought about the deaths of a large amount of main characters, the visuals of Drogon roasting an entire population of innocent men, women, and children seems to be what stuck with viewers the most.

For fans of The Simpsons, this haunting visual may have looked a bit familiar. That's because the Fox cartoon had satirized Game of Thrones back in 2017 with the first episode of Season 29, called "The Serfsons." Several tropes from the HBO show were spoofed, including the white walkers, the Night King, and, of course, the dragons. In one moment on the show, Homer saves an injured dragon by placing burning wood in its mouth. This results in the dragon roasting the entire village in a manner very similar to the way Drogon destroyed King's Landing on Sunday night. Like Daenerys, Homer Simpson seems happy with the dragon's work, remarking to his family, "I love our life." If only they knew how eerily similar the scene would be to the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.


In one way or another, fans of Game of Thrones were heavily affected by what they witnessed on Sunday night. As if seeing a large amount of main characters bite the dust wasn't painful enough, the vicious massacre of thousands of innocent people was downright brutal. With just one episode of the series left to go, we'll see if the show can go out on a high note after such a devastating episode. You can watch some clips of the Simpsons episode spoofing Game of Thrones below, courtesy of Bitcraze Cartoons on YouTube.