Filming on HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off is set to begin this October. The new series, which serves as a prequel, comes from writer Jane Goldman (Kingsman) and creator George R.R. Martin. The network had been developing five different spin-offs but this prequel is the one they felt the most confident about and they're gearing up for production this fall.

A new report has revealed that production on the spin-off will be taking place at The Paint Hall in Belfast, Ireland. SyFy's Krypton also films at the same location and HBO has utilized the space to film the main Game of Thrones series. Jane Goldman wrote the script for the pilot and hatched the story with George R.R. Martin. This show will take place thousands of years prior to the events of Game of Thrones and will explore the "horrifying secrets of Westeros's history." Martin revealed additional details on the new series via a blog post last month.

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"None of the characters or actors from Game of Thrones will appear in the new show. All of the successor shows we've been developing have been prequels, as I have mentioned before. This one really puts the pre in prequel, since it is set not ninety years before Game of Thrones (like Dunk & Egg), or a few hundred years, but rather ten thousand years (well, assuming the oral histories of the First Men are accurate, but there are maesters at the Citadel who insist it has only been half that long). We're very early in the process, of course, with the pilot order just in."

HBO has yet to order the prequel to series, which means they're likely just going to be filming the pilot in October. HBO has made it clear that they're not going to rush anything when it comes to the spin-off they ultimately move forward with. Game of Thrones is set to conclude next year with season 8. The network will surely miss the massive ratings the show brings but they don't want to damage the brand by greenlighting a new series that doesn't live up to its predecessor. That's partially why they were developing several different spin-offs. This particular show will reveal the history of the white walkers and will explore "Starks of legend."

This Game of Thrones prequel doesn't have an official title just yet, but details are likely to be making their way online with production set to begin in a few months. There also haven't been any casting announcements. That is also surely going to change in the very near future as they're going to have to start putting those pieces of the puzzle together. HBO isn't bringing Game of Thrones to San Diego Comic-Con this year, so we're not likely to get any official reveals during the event next weekend. Still, fans should be excited knowing that the world of Westeros will continue. This news was first reported by the Belfast Telegraph.