Last week, we reported that production on Game of Thrones Season 7 has shifted to Spain, with new details that hinted a powerful alliance may be formed this season. Recent reports reveal that separate beaches in Spain are being used to film scenes, a Westeros location that hasn't been seen since Season 4. Today we have even more photos from the set that reveal a meeting between two beloved and powerful characters may be formed, which has been hinted at recently. There may be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

Watchers On the Wall came across new images that showcase the first meeting between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Filming has been taking place on the islet of Gaztelugatxe in Basque Country, Spain, although it isn't known how long filming is scheduled to take place in this location for. We last saw Daenerys in the Season 6 finale, sailing her massive fleet to Westeros, and the recent rumors that she is landing her fleet at Dragonstone have seemingly been confirmed through set photos and new reports, but HBO hasn't offered any official confirmation quite yet.

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This season will mark the first tie we've seen Dragonstone since Season 4, when Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) had set up shop there. It makes sense that Dany lands in Dragonstone, since it is the ancestral home of Daenerys' family, and it is also quite close to King's Landing. Recent reports claim that Daenerys will use this island fortress as a "home base" this season. While Daenerys and Jon Snow are seen alone in this meeting, we also have more set photos that feature other characters such as Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), Varys (Conleth Hill), Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham).

The Season 6 finale finally confirmed a long-held fan theory, that Jon Snow is actually not Ned Stark's (Sean Bean) bastard son, but in fact the child of Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys' brother, and Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark's sister. We learned this through Bran Stark's (Isaac Hempstead Wright) greensight vision in the finale, but it's important to note that Jon Snow himself doesn't know this quite yet. This vision happened just as Bran Stark was brought to The Wall by Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle), who went missing during the first season and was long thought to be dead. It's possible that Bran will find Jon Snow and tell him the truth about his heritage in Season 7, but we don't know for sure.

While production is certainly under way, the plot rumors have yet to be confirmed by HBO, and we don't expect any confirmation any time soon. All we do know is that Game of Thrones Season 7 won't debut until the Summer of 2017, a few months later than usual, since production was pushed back, since winter has finally arrived in Westeros and the production needed a cooler climate to film in. Take a look at the latest photos from the Game of Thrones Season 7 set in Spain.