HBO has released a brand new trailer for Game of Thrones season 8. Sort of. The network still isn't ready to reveal much of anything in the way of actual footage from the upcoming final season of the hit fantasy series. No dragons. No bloodshed. None of that. Instead, they've opted to have several big-name celebrities declare their love for the series while fighting for ownership of the Iron Throne.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth, auto-tune master and musician T-Pain, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and late night host Jimmy Kimmel are all in on the action. Not only does this trailer show that famous people are just like everyone else, in that they also love Game of Thrones, but it's a pretty diverse group of people who can't wait to see how things wrap up. From professional athletes to Grammy winners, they're all here for it. The trailer itself is good spirited, but there isn't much in the way of significant reveals or anything of the like for fans to pay attention to. It's just fun. And also perhaps frustrating to some degree.


Knowing that the final season is undeniably important, HBO has taken their time with season 8. As such, they took 2018 off and dedicated the year to filming and getting everything squared away. But that has left fans feeling eager as they're desperate for their fix of dragons and violence. That said, this is going to be the last of Game of Thrones, so perhaps exercising a little bit of patience and allowing the creators to get it right isn't such a bad thing. Especially since several cast members are teasing a rather emotional conclusion, with Gwendoline Christie recently saying that certain viewers will need therapy after the finale.


Part of the trailer is focused on getting potential new viewers for the new season, as they are encouraging people to binge #ForTheThrone and to start watching season 1 now. That will allow anyone, be it old viewers who just want to prepare or those who haven't yet danced the song of ice and fire, to catch up before Game of Thrones season 8 drops in April 2019. We've all got to do something to kill the next handful of months, right?

Season 8 will consist of just six episodes, but they will be much longer than usual, meaning we're pretty much going to get six short Game of Thrones movies next year. Beyond that, HBO is already developing a spin-off that will take place thousands of years before the main series, with Naomi Watts set to star. George R.R. Martin has been calling it The Long Night, even though the network isn't fond of that title. The hope is that HBO can have that ready to go in 2020 so there won't be any gap for lovers of the world of Westeros. Be sure to check out the celeb-filled trailer from the Game of Thrones Twitter below.