With production still well under way on Game of Thrones Season 8, new photos have teased some very interesting details about the final episodes. A number of behind-the-scenes images taken from a great distance seemingly tease new additions to the Night King's White Walker army, including what will be a first for the series, a "wight," a living human who was killed and reanimated by the White Walkers, on horseback. Since that has never been seen in the history of Game of Thrones, it has spawned quite the interesting theory.

The photos originally surfaced from a Twitter user named "Hogwort7," but after these photos surfaced, his account was taken offline entirely. The photos then surfaced on the popular Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall, who revealed that these characters on horseback are definitely wights, since they are seen wearing full green-screen suits, while the White Walkers only wear some prosthetics, with the blue eyes added in post-production. While there aren't many story details to be gleaned from these images, with this group of wights and White Walkers who are near a massive green screen wall, on the set in Magheramorne, Northern Ireland.


Since there have never been wights seen on horseback throughout the history of the show, that has lead to a theory that, after destroying a portion of The Wall at Eastwatch and coming into Westeros, the White Walkers have encountered another army who they have killed and turned into their own soldiers. While there has been no confirmation yet, the speculation is that these new wights are Dothraki soldiers, which would make sense that some of these characters would be on horseback. The clothing and saddles used by these riders do match the Dothraki style, and it could be interesting to see these Dothraki fight against the "Khaleesi," Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), that they chose to side with.


These photos surfaced over the weekend, although there is no indication yet as to which of the six final episodes these scenes may be shot for. While this season will be the shortest yet in terms of the number of episodes, production will last longer than any other season, starting in September, with filming slated to wrap up sometime this summer. There have been unconfirmed rumors that all six episodes will be feature length, much like the 80-minute Season 7 finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, which would make sense given the extended production schedule, but the episode runtimes have yet to be confirmed.


There are also new photos from another set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, just outside of Titanic Studios, where a new set for a King's Landing city gate is being constructed, most likely so it could be destroyed in a battle scene. While the original photographer Hogwort7's Twitter has been taken down, you can see some of these photos through various Twitter accounts below, and head to Watchers on the Wall for the rest of these images.